Fixed’Insufficient system application memory’ Mac error

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If you have a race that will be the most buggy macOS update to date, macOS Monterey has the potential to comfortably win the race. One of the most annoying problems many users have faced lately is “Insufficient system application memory” There was an error on your Mac. According to the report, the alert will appear with the option to kill the app. If you get this message repeatedly after updating to macOS 12 and don’t know how to get rid of it, here’s a viable solution.

What Causes the “Insufficient System Application Memory” error on macOS 12 Monterey?

At first glance, the error seems to be a by-product of the bug. However, as the alert itself points to, it could also be due to a clogged storage.

“Your system is out of application memory. To avoid computer problems, close all unused applications.”

If the cause of the error is storage clutter, you can fix the problem by freeing up available disk space on your Mac. It is always advisable to maintain at least 10-20% free disk space for smooth functioning.

For beginners, virtual memory, also known as swap, is stored on your hard drive. Also, when standard RAM becomes full, the operating system is forced to use disk space to store RAM data. This is called swapping / paging.

If your Mac computer swaps and compiles a lot of memory and you run out of free storage space on your hard disk, this error can be a sequela.

7 Tips for Fixing “Insufficient System Application Memory” Error on Mac (2021)

Now that you know the possible causes of this error on your Mac, you can discuss the best actions you can take to resolve the issue.If you have already tried others, use the table below to navigate to the solution of your choice.

1. Restart your Mac

Quick restart is often very useful for fixing other macOS issues. And what to guess, it worked for many macOS Monterey users by temporarily resolving this issue. So don’t miss this.

  • Please click Apple menu icon Located in the upper left corner of the screen. after that, Reboot Restart your macOS device in the menu.
Restart your mac

2. Make sure to kill the apps you are not using

Another easy way to fix this issue is to kill an app that you aren’t currently using. If you have a habit of keeping a large number of apps open in the background, they can cause excessive memory usage.

  • click Apple menu Select in the upper right corner of the screen forced termination In the menu. Then select all the apps you aren’t currently using and forced termination..
Make sure to kill the apps you are not using

3. Disable custom cursor color / size

Some macOS 12 users have reported that using custom cursor sizes or custom cursor colors tends to run out of memory in the system. If you are also using custom cursor colors, we recommend that you restore the cursor to its default size and color. If the problem is resolved, you have found a useful answer to the problem.

For those who don’t know, macOS allows you to adjust the size / color of pointers. This accessibility feature is designed with the visually impaired in mind, but anyone can use it to customize the look of the pointer, making it more comfortable to see and follow. Can be.

  • On Mac, go to Apple Menu-> System Preferences-> Accessibility-> Display-> Pointers Then make the necessary changes.
  • If you want the pointer size to be the default level, Just drag the slider to the left Try to reach normal level.
  • Also, if you want to use the default pointer outline color,[リセット


上で述べたように、エラーはMacのディスクスペースが乱雑であることが原因である可能性があります。 ありがたいことに、macOSはあなたの貴重なストレージがどのように消費されたかを知るための非常に簡単な方法を提供します。 したがって、徹底的なクリーンアップが必要なカテゴリを見つけると、はるかに簡単になります。

  • クリック アップルメニュー と選択します このMacについて->[ストレージ]Tab->[管理]..
  • Then look at each category such as messages, photos, applications, etc. to understand how much disk space they have consumed.
  • Also, check the total capacity consumed by “System Data” (formerly “Other”).
Free up Mac storage

Once you have a clear idea of ​​what you need to clean up, organize your Mac. Be sure to wipe out the usual suspects, such as downloads, trash cans, and piles of useless screenshots.

5. Close unwanted browser tabs

If you no longer need the browser tab, we recommend closing it. Otherwise, your browser will slow down and drain more battery power. Perhaps the workflow relies heavily on resource-intensive browsers like Google Chrome, leaving some tabs open in the background and moving back and forth. Or you may want to use multiple browsers at the same time to meet the demands of intensive research.

Anything is fine; all I’m trying to emphasize is to prevent tabs from being left open unnecessarily. You can prevent your browser from hacking most of your memory by reducing the number of open tabs.

Close unwanted browser tabs on Mac

6. Update / reinstall old apps

It’s no secret that older apps have problems. Apart from eating more battery and running at the snail’s pace, they also tend to consume more memory. So if it’s been a while since you updated your Mac app, that might be the reason. “Insufficient system application memory” The alert is displayed many times.

  • Open App Store On Mac update Left sidebar options. now, Update all apps One at a time or at a time.
Update the app on your Mac

If the problem persists, remove and reinstall the resource-intensive app. The reason I recommend trying this radical solution is that it’s very reliable in fixing app-related issues.

  • Open finder On Mac -> Application Create a folder, drag the app and drop it in the Trash. After deleting the app, App Store Then reinstall them.
Remove apps on Mac

7. Update macOS software

If none of the above tips help fix the Mac “Insufficient system application memory” issue, it is most likely the bug behind the issue. And in this case, updating the software is always the best bet.

  • Move to Apple Menu-> System Preferences-> Software Update And do what you need to do.
Update your Mac

Troubleshooting “Insufficient System Application Memory” issue on macOS12

That’s almost it! Weird bugs look like the main villains, but don’t overlook the full disk space. As always, Apple doesn’t take much time to find problems and come up with reliable solutions to fix them. Hopefully the tech giant will release a fix for this issue sooner or later. Anyway, please give us your feedback and let us know if we were able to resolve this issue.