Facebook’s Ray-Ban AR smart glasses are coming soon.This is what we know

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Citing the popularity of smart wearables and the potential boom in future augmented reality (AR) -based technology, Facebook is said to be working with premium accessory brand Ray-Ban to develop AR-based eyeglasses. .. Later, social media giants confirmed that they launched AR glass this year in partnership with Ray-Ban’s parent company, EssilorLux Otica. Now, here are some details about Facebook’s Ray-Ban AR glasses, provided directly by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

At a recent investor meeting, Zuckerberg confirmed that the company is working with Ray-Ban to develop smart AR glasses under Project Aria.He is a smart wearable for investors have “Symbolic form factor” Ray-Ban glasses And stuff some “Neat” feature.

“We are excited to put these in the hands of people and continue to advance the journey towards fully augmented reality glasses in the future.” Zuckerberg said during the meeting.

Well, for those who don’t know, Project Aria is Facebook’s R & D department for smart AR-based wearable technology. The company announced it last year and has been extensively working to bring unique technological advances to the smart wearable scene.

Therefore, Facebook-Ray-Ban AR glasses are at the core of this project, which seeks to realize Mark’s vision of a completely AR / VR-based social platform. In the past, Zuckerberg has emphasized the possibilities of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Facebook’s smart AR glasses will be a stepping stone to his vision.

Well, the CEO didn’t say much about future wearables, but we already know that they don’t come with an integrated display. The company has previously confirmed that it wants to develop smart glasses. “It is flexible enough to accommodate most face shapes and sizes.” To accommodate more people.

In addition, the description of Project Aria states that smart glass can be added. “A 3D layer of contextually meaningful and useful information on top of the physical world.” That’s why Facebook glasses help users navigate the city, find lost items, take photos and videos, and make phone calls without a phone call.

Regarding availability, a previous report stated that Facebook would launch smart glasses this year, but Zuckerberg didn’t share details about the product’s upcoming timeline. Still, I’ve seen many mentions of this product in the last few months, so I can expect Ray-Ban style AR glasses to come out sooner or later. Stay tuned for the latest information on Ray-Ban AR glasses on Facebook.