Facebook’s parent meta launches Holiday Worlds on the web and mobile

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Meta to launch Horizontal Worlds on web and mobile

Meta is working to bring the Metaverse social platform, Horizontal Worlds, to the web and mobile. Andrew Bosworth, CTO of Meta, revealed in a recent tweet that a web version of Horizontal Worlds is coming soon, defending Meta’s reduction of 47.5% in each transaction.

At this time, you need one of Meta’s Quest VR headsets to access the Horizontal Worlds platform. However, the situation changes with the release of the web version.In another interview with The Verge, Meta has also confirmed that Horizontal Worlds will be available on the phone. Later this year.

This development is in response to a tweet highlighting Meta’s 47.5% reduction – 30% + 17.5% platform pricing from the Meta Quest Store.In a tweet, Bosworth said: When the web version is released, Meta will limit the Holizon platform fee to 25%.. “When the web version of the Horizon is released, the cost of the Horizon platform will be only 25%, which is much lower than other platforms that build a similar world. . “ reading Andrew Bosworth’s tweet.

Apple recently also called for a 47.5% cut on Meta, in case you’re out of the loop. “Meta has repeatedly aimed for Apple to charge developers a 30% fee for in-app purchases on the App Store, and has used small businesses and creators as scapegoats everywhere.” Apple spokeswoman Fred Sainz told MarketWatch.

“Now — Meta is trying to charge the same creator significantly higher than any other platform. [Meta’s] The announcement reveals the hypocrisy of Meta. It shows that while they’re trying to use Apple’s platform for free, they’re willing to take over from creators and small businesses using their own platform. “ Sainz added.

Launched in December 2021, Horizon Worlds is currently available in the United States and Canada. If you recently purchased Quest 2 and are looking for a game to play, don’t forget to check out the list of the best Metaverse games for exploring the platform.