Face ID on iPhone 13 may allow you to unlock while wearing a mask or foggy glasses

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One of the biggest inconveniences for anyone using an iPhone with Face ID is unlocking it while wearing a mask. You can use workarounds such as registering Face ID on different parts of the mask or unlocking your iPhone using your Apple Watch, but Apple does New Face ID hardware for iPhone 13 It will work with masks and foggy glasses.

Face ID that works with masks and foggy glasses

According to a tipster Jon Prosser report, Apple has developed a prototype case to test the new Face ID that may be found on the iPhone 13. Looking at the rendering created based on the prototype image, it seems that the front camera is located on the left side. The side of the notch, as opposed to the current placement on the right.


Apple reportedly asked employees to test new hardware with their masks and glasses on. The test in question is said to be comprehensive, including all types of masks and glasses. Based on previous tests, the prototype seems to have promising results.

If you see this technology on your iPhone 13, which is expected to be available on September 14, you can set Face ID to unlock your iPhone without removing the mask. This system should also work with glasses that tend to fog easily when wearing a mask. That sounds too good to be true, but it’s interesting to see if Apple has succeeded in achieving this to provide additional convenience to iPhone users.

Featured images courtesy of FrontPageTech x RendersByIan