Epic Games releases Unreal Engine 5. Please see here for the detail!

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Spectacular Game Announces Unreal Engine 5

After announcing the next-generation Unreal Engine 5 in 2020, Epic Games has made this tool officially available to all creators. The company made an announcement at a recent State of Unreal virtual event, announcing the availability of Unreal Engine 5. “Ready to use in production.” Now let’s dig into the details just below.

Unreal Engine 5 is now available for download

After Epic Games became available in Early Access and Preview, Unreal Engine 5.0 is now available from the Epic Games launcher.. Speaking of key features in Unreal Engine 5, this tool comes with two key features: Nanite and Lumen.

Lumen is a new dynamic lighting technology that allows developers to add indirect lighting to virtual scenes that adapt to geometry changes and add direct lighting in real time. Along with this Developers will be able to easily create and edit lighting effects within the Unreal Editor You don’t have to create a lightmap UV, wait for the lightmap to integrate, or place a reflection capture. Developers can see the final lighting the player sees as they run the game on the target platform during the development process.

Nanite, on the other hand, is new “Virtualized Micropolygon Geometry System” That Allows developers to add fine geometric details to games and virtual environments.. Combining this technology with virtual shadow maps (VSMs) can significantly reduce the time it takes developers to develop detailed virtual environments.

Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 5 for developers. Please see here for the detail!Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 5 for developers. Please see here for the detail!
Image: Epic Games

Developers can also Leverage temporal super-resolution (TSR) technology, This is a built-in, platform-independent, high-quality upsampling system that renders at much lower resolutions. However, rendering is equivalent to pixel fidelity to higher resolution frames.


Besides these, Unreal Engine 5 comes with several new open world toolsets like the new World Partition system This automatically divides the virtual world into grids for easier management. The One File Per Actor (OPFA) system allows you to create different versions of the same world, allowing multiple developers to work simultaneously in the same area of ​​the virtual map without disturbing other developers’ changes.

Moreover, The program brings a variety of built-in characters and animation tools Help developers create the best games for consoles and PCs. Enhanced editor UI, in-editor modeling, UV editing, baking and more are also supported. For more information on other features of Unreal Engine 5, see Epic’s official blog post.

For games based on Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, I recently saw CD Projekt Red announce a new Witcher title that uses Unreal Engine 5.In addition, Epic Released two sample projects including LyraStarterGame and CitySample From The Matrix Awakening: Unrealistic Engine 5 Experience. These are now available for free download from Epic’s official website and provide a starting point for developers to create immersive gameplay experiences and virtual environments.

So it’s an exciting day for developers to download and use Unreal Engine 5 for their upcoming projects today. You can visit Epic’s official website, download the Epic Games launcher, and access the tools. Also, please tell us your thoughts on it in the comments section below.