Epic and Lego join hands to develop Metaverse for kids

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Epic and Lego will work together to develop a metaverse for children. Please see here for the detail!

Taking advantage of the Metaverse hype over the next few years, tech companies are developing interactive virtual worlds for their users. Recently, I saw Krafton partnering with Naver Z to develop the NFT Metaverse platform, which probably hosts its own blockchain-based games. Currently, Epic Games, the developer of the super popular BR title Fortnite, is working with the LEGO Group. “An immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience for children of all ages to enjoy together.” See details below.

Epic Games recently shared an official blog post on the forum and announced a long-term partnership with the LEGO Group. The company didn’t provide much detail about the Metaverse project, but they shared a vision. Family-friendly digital space for children that is “Be confident to be a creator and provide great play opportunities.” While in a positive and secure virtual environment.

Both Epic Games and Lego Group, according to blog posts Combine existing technologies to create an interactive virtual world for kids of all ages.. Epic already has the popular battle royale title Fortnite. Over the years, it has become a virtual space for teens and adults to hang out, watch live concerts, and enjoy pop culture crossovers.

The LEGO Group is also an experienced player in the toy industry and has provided customers with unique physical toys and digital experiences for many years. Therefore, we expect businesses to come up with interesting solutions for the Metaverse platform for children.

moreover, Both companies have agreed on three key principles Before developing a virtual world.These principles “We guarantee that the digital space they develop will safely provide attractive play opportunities.”And they include:

  • Protect children’s right to play By prioritizing safety and happiness.
  • Protect your child’s privacy By giving top priority to their best interests.
  • Empower children and adults With tools that let them control their digital experience.

With this initiative, Epic and Lego will compete with the popular online platform Roblox. The platform also provides a similar virtual world where children can hang out and play mini-games.But from the experience of Epic and Lego, we can expect Improved virtual platform Than the existing ones on the market.

No details are currently available on the Epic-Lego Metaverse release timeline. Well, stay tuned for future updates on the same thing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.