Emporio Armani Leather Watches for Ladies Ready to Snatch Your Hearts

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In 1975, Giorgio Armani established his first luxury brand, which he named after himself. Fashion enthusiasts have tremendously welcomed his products which have gained massive popularity. Because of that, the man established another brand. If you are an avid watch collector, you may be familiar with Emporio Armani and their beautiful watch collection. 

Emporio Armani watches are distinct for their elegance and quality. Moreso, it is primarily known for being relatively affordable for a luxury brand. This brand offers perfect pieces for those who wanted to show off a little through their watches yet cannot afford the financial demands of high-end brands. In this article, we will explore four of their most iconic watches.

Emporio Armani Quartz White Dial Ladies Watch

To start this list is this Emporio Armani classic black leather watch oozing with elegance, sleekness, and charisma from its case down to its strap. The round case of this model is made of stainless steel in gold, measuring 32mm in diameter. One of the many reasons it is loved by many is the fact that it has a very elegant-looking calfskin leather material strap in black. 

The dial is surprisingly endearing despite the fact that it sports a minimalist look. It is probably because the white color of the dial is something that perfectly contrasts the bright case. It also has something to do with the fact that it is set with white pearl-like indexes. To complete the dial look are the hands of the same gold shade as the exterior hardware. 

Emporio Armani Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

If you are sick and tired of the basic-colored leather watches, this timepiece will help you step up your leather watch game. This timepiece’s round case is made of stainless steel painted in rose gold, with a measurement of 32mm in diameter. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a solid back. To top it off is a leather material strap colored in robin-egg blue.

The dial is colored in bright white mother of pearl, perfectly complementing the delicateness of the strap color. The fact that it is painted with geometric shapes adds up spice to the total visual. This timepiece has stick indexes colored in an elegant shade of rose gold. It is the same color and shape as the hands set on the center of the dial. It has a 50 water-resistance feature. 

Emporio Armani Retro Quartz Silver Dial Brown Leather Ladies Watch

This next piece is another of the unique-looking models from the collection. It is sought after by many precisely because of the perfect combination of the warm colors used. The round case of this masterpiece is made of stainless steel in rose gold, measuring 32mm in diameter. Its strap is made of leather-skin colored in gorgeous terracotta brown with scale-like patterns. 

The dial of this watch is colored in white with delicate feminine patterns on the background. Among what makes this watch a unique piece is the fact that it does not have any indexes, therefore sporting a minimalist look. The aesthetic is completed with hands on the center of the dial colored in the same pretty rose gold shade as the case and all the other hardware.

Emporio Armani Meccanico Quartz White Dial Pink Leather Ladies Watch

The technology of watches is an art in itself, and this watch will show you that. Through this timepiece, you will see the inner workings of your chronograph. Made in stainless steel painted in gold, the round case of this dial measures 32mm in diameter. Perfectly complementing its elegant rose gold case is a leather strap that comes in cream color. 

This timepiece’s dial is surely the most breathtaking you have ever witnessed. It is colored in white, with an inner circle that comes in a clear glass so you can see the movement of your timepiece. It has rose gold alternating stick and roman numeral indexes and stick hands of the same shade. As a dresser watch, it is impressive to know this model has 50m water-resistance. 


Watch is among the most adored accessories, especially by women. The fact that it satisfies a dual purpose: to allow you to tell time and to upgrade your simple look is something that has most women obsessed over it. When it comes to watches, there is no better choice than Armani Emporio. More than the beauty and quality, it also has an affordable price range.