Elon Musk’s “friendly” humanoid robot Tesla Bot arrives in 2022 to steal your work

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After dominating the EV market, significantly raising the price of Dogecoin and becoming the wealthiest person in the world, Elon Musk’s next mission is to bring humans to perform boring and repetitive tasks with the next humanoid robot. To replace it with a certain Teslabot. Yes, you heard it correctly! Musk recently announced the launch of a humanoid robot, such as a terminator, without destructive features.

At the recent Tesla AI Day virtual event, Musk is now with his EV company Tesla Development of bipedal humanoid robot It will be boring, unsafe and able to perform repetitive tasks for you. This robot, called the Tess Labot, measures 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighs about 56 kgs.

Of Elon Musk "Friendly" Humanoid robot Tesla bot is coming to steal your work in 2022

Now, when it comes to technical details, little is known about Tesla Bot.However, Musk is a robot Comes with 40 electromechanical actuators.. There are 12 on the inside of each arm of the robot and 2 on the neck and torso areas.

Of Elon Musk "Friendly" Humanoid robot Tesla bot is coming to steal your work in 2022

In addition, Tesla Bot leverages a variety of advanced cameras and sensors to navigate and perform tasks, similar to autonomous electric vehicles. It is equipped with eight cameras and a screen that displays important information. In addition, it is equipped with Tesla’s Full Self-Drive (FSD) system, which is the same autonomous driving technology used by Tesla vehicles, and realizes autonomous functions.

“Tesla is arguably the largest robotics company in the world, because cars are semi-sensory robots with wheels. It makes sense to put it in the form of a humanoid.” Musk said at an online event.

He added that the Tess Labot has five-fingered hands, just like a human, and is designed as follows: “Friendly” And built that way “You can then escape and perhaps overwhelm it.” Now i’m personally worried “most likely” Tesla Bot is essentially a robot, and any engineer can design it destructively. If so, Elon Musk is confident that he is ready to prepare an army of “friendly” Tess Labots to protect humanity.

In terms of availability, Musk is the first prototype of Tess Labot Exhibited sometime in 2022.. However, at this time, there is no information on when the company will launch commercial models of industrial or personal humanoid robots.