EA Play Live 2021: Here are all the biggest announcements

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Gamers will agree that 2021 is becoming a great year for the game. The situation was good, whether it was the E3 Expo that left some of the best E3 games to come, or whether the price dropped significantly at the recently ended Steam Summer Sale. To make this year even better, EA has unveiled a long-awaited series of news at the EA Play Live 2021 event. With the biggest announcement from EA Play Live 2021 and a gameplay trailer.

All the biggest announcements of EA Play Live

Below is a list of everything announced at EA Play Live 2021. However, if you are interested in a particular game, use the table below to jump to your selection.

1. Dead space remake

Yes, you are reading it correctly. The highly beloved horror game Dead Space has been remade for the latest hardware.game is Rebuild from scratch using EA’s Frostbite Engine.. Star Wars: Motive Studios, the studio behind Squadrons, will be responsible for the development of the game.

There is no release date yet, but Dead Space Remake is limited to next-generation machines and will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. Watch the trailer, watch the video of the game engine, and see for yourself. ..

2. Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode

Taking the war to another level, EA has announced a new mode for the next first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042. Battlefield portal, This is a unique creative mode that allows players to create their own combat scenarios. But what’s even more interesting is that players can combine weapons, vehicles, and even maps of the entire franchise.

The Battlefield Portal 6 classic mapsIncludes those from Battlefield 1942 and Bad Company 2. Portal mode guarantees hours of creative enjoyment as it collides with soldiers of two different eras while playing mixes and matches with different elements when launched. Take a look at the amazing official trailer to get a good idea of ​​what you can do in portal mode.

3. Apex Legends: Emergence

One of the amazing surprises EA Play Live brought was the beautiful launch trailer for Apex Legends’ latest season.title Emergence, The trailer for the new season has a deadly legend Seer.. This was a movie trailer, but I had the opportunity to jump over scenarios and see Seer’s actions making the most of his enemies.

Seer is similar to Bloodhound, as revealed, but is a tracking legend with a different set of abilities. The trailer itself isn’t detailed, but Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier briefly described his abilities at EA Play Live 2021. So, the Seer’s abilities identified in Apex Legends Season 10 are:

  • Passive ability – The sight can feel the beating of the enemy when aiming.
  • Tactical ability – The seer can activate and send a set of drones that emerge from the chest to hunt down enemies that have detected a heartbeat.
  • Ultimate ability – Seer’s Ultimate contains the legend of sending hundreds of drones that form a dome where you want them. Anyone inside can slow down and track their movements.

Apex Legends Emergence also brings changes to World’s Edge, ranked Arena playlists, and new weapons called. Rampage LMG With huge firepower.Watch the movie trailer above and wait for the official gameplay to begin July 26..

4. Grid legend

EA Play Live 2021 also saw the official announcement of the next grid game in its public trailer. This is called Grid Legend.A grid legend featuring the same level of adrenaline rush Comes with story mode This time with an interesting take. In story mode, live-action shots are taken.

Using the same technology used in The Mandalorian, Grid Legend injects the actor’s performance in the final game for perfect immersiveness. In addition to the high tech used in story mode, Grid Legend also allows players to combine and combine cars between classes to compete with each other.

With more cars, events, and improvements, Grid Legend will be a great racing game to play. But in the meantime, get your mobile device and check out the best racing games for Android and iOS.

5. Randomly lost

Players who love dark and mysterious games will love the new gameplay trailer for EA’s next game, Lost in Random.The game was developed by Zoink GamesAlso known as the fantasy game Fe.A lost-in-random story set in a dark and beautiful world Focuses on two sisters named Even and Odd Someone who always sticks with us. But the arrival of the dark and evil Queen threatens this bond as she kidnaps Odd and locks her in.

With the help of a reliable dice called Dicey, You still have to rescue your sister through six random shadow areas. Lost in Random features great gameplay that brings combat, exploration, and card battles all in one. The overall look and feel of the game gives Alice in Wonderland an atmosphere. The new trailer for Lost in Random was an exciting release at EA Play Live 2021.

6. Knockout City Season 2

The latest season in Knockout City brings it Hollywood themed Atmosphere to play dodgeball.New maps, playlists, gear, and even New soda-themed ballThe new season is an excellent addition to this dodgeball game, which is a huge hit among gamers. Check out the comedy trailer yourself to see all future changes.

Biggest announcement at EA Play Live 2021

These were the biggest announcements made by Electronic Arts at EA Play Live 2021. As mentioned earlier, with all that in mind, this year is becoming a great year for the game. We are personally excited about the dead space remake. Which announcement made you a fuss? Please let us know in the comments below.