Dyson’s future robot vacuum may be able to climb stairs and open drawers

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As robots continue to blend into modern society, some companies are developing advanced robots with a variety of cool and innovative features. A recent patent application now reveals that the UK-based popular consumer electronics giant Dyson is building a robot vacuum that can climb stairs while cleaning them.

Today, Dyson has released a variety of advanced robot vacuums in the past, but the stair climbing robot will be the first robot when it hits the market or when it goes on sale.The company hasn’t fully developed the robot yet, but recently applied for a patent. “Tristar Wheel” It is possible Allow the robot to run “Offground” Activities, This essentially means a climbing area in a house that traditional robots can’t reach.

The Tristar wheel looks very unique and includes three circular structures attached to the actuating arm. Therefore, with these installed, you can easily climb high places and stairs in your house using one of Dyson’s advanced vacuum cleaner robots. You can check the image below to see how the robot works in the house.

Dyson's future vacuum cleaner robot may be able to climb stairs and open drawers

In addition, according to the patent, Tristar wheel technology also allows the robot to open drawers and hold cups. This is due to the three-star design of the actuating arm, which also allows the robot to reach inaccessible corners of the house.

Dyson's future vacuum cleaner robot may be able to climb stairs and open drawers

According to Dyson, a human home is a complex environment with various elements and obstacles that can prevent a robot from reaching its full potential. However, with this patent, the company aims to develop a robot that can access every corner of the house, which is not accessible by current cleaning robots like Xiaomi and Realme.

With the availability of stair-climbing robots, Dyson says the design of the Tristar wheel is only the early stages of such a robot. Therefore, it will be some time before the company releases a vacuum cleaner robot that can climb the stairs in the market.