DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser for Mac Released

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duckduckgo reaches mac

DuckDuckGo, a popular privacy-focused search engine, announced a desktop web browser at the end of last year. Web browsers are now released for Mac and include a variety of privacy-focused features such as automatic web tracker blocking and new cookie pop-up protection. Let’s dig into the details right away!

DuckDuckGo Web Browser for Beta Mac Release

DuckDuckGo is a web browser app for Mac through its official blog post “All-in-one privacy solution for everyday browsing without complicated settings” It offers a set of privacy features such as a powerful tracker blocker, email protection, password manager, and the famous “launch” button that allows users to clear browsing history and tabs with a single click.

DuckDuckGo browser New cookie pop-up protection to block these annoying cookie consent pop-ups It will be displayed the first time you open the website. According to the company, this feature automatically selects the option to block or minimize cookies that may track users. In beta, it will be published on 50% of websites and will be added as testing progresses.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser for Mac Released

Users too You can access the privacy feed on your browser’s home page, This is very similar to the privacy report on the Safari homepage. However, unlike the latter, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Feed allows users to manage their data and clear it more easily. plus, Block certain content on websites such as Facebook that use embedded trackers Shows the user a notification to allow access (pictured above).

DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser has been released for Mac.  Windows version coming soon!

In terms of speed, DuckDuckGo states that the new browser uses the same rendering engine as Safari and offers faster graphics performance than Chrome, which is currently one of the fastest browsers for the Mac.Another point that the company emphasizes is the latest DuckDuckGo browser uses 60% less data than Chrome..

Besides these, Embedded Smarter Encryption technology This allows users to frequently visit the encrypted version of the website.In addition, all web browsers “Functions you expect from a browser, such as password management, tab management, bookmarks, etc.”.. ”

Once available, users can join the private waiting list to access the new DuckDuckGo browser for Mac.To do this, the user downloads the DuckDuckGo mobile app and from the in-app settings[プライベートウェイティングリストに参加]You need to tap the button. According to the company, a Windows version is also under development.