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Create DateApril 21, 2019
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What's New In The Freeflix Hq v3.0.8 Apk

The App has a new minimalist design and some interesting features as well. Now the app won't crash like it's previous versions. The Latest version of the FreeFlix Hq Apk has solved all the bugs and fixed it.

Features In FreeFlix Hq v3.0.8 

  • Auto Download New Episode: In this new version of FreeFlix apk is, now you don't have to download each new episode of your favorite tv show. This New feature Auto Download will download the new episodes of your selected tv shows. And also notify you once it downloaded.
  • New Release Trailers: Now you will be able to see all the new tv series, Movies trailers in app.
  • More Categories & More Videos: The new freeflix app has the subcategories of the shows and movies to get filter the content. Now user can easily filter the Tv Shows and Movies on their interest base with the help of subcategories as Drama, Action, Si-Fi etc.
  • Download Links: The older version of the app has only one link to download the videos but now you get more than one link to download videos. These link will help you to download the shows, movies quickly.

Latest Version of The FreeFlix Hq App

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