Download Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone in 2022

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Pokemon is a very special place in my heart. It was not only my first anime show, but also the first anime I saw with my niece. And while you may be celebrating another nostalgic memory, I am softening those precious moments with these Pokemon wallpapers for iPhone.

PS That download button has a reason 😁 Tap it to download some or all of the iPhone Pokemon wallpapers.

In addition to PSS wallpapers, you can also enjoy story time with AK (me). I recommend not doing so, but you can skip it and focus on the wallpaper.

1. Ash and Pikachu Pokemon Wallpaper

Start with Ash and his Pikachu where the journey really begins. Your favorite Pokemon or trainer may be different, but everyone loves the chemistry between the two.

Story time with AK: At the time, my niece was Pikachu sized, but she once enacted Ash, and I was her Pikachu. So, at that time, I could say that there were multiple variations, but only shiny.

Pokemon Ash and Pikachu Wallpapers for iPhone


PS Scroll through all Pokemon wallpapers to see my ash and my pictures.

2. Lizardon Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

Let’s resolve the discussion in the comments section below. That cute person – the charmander lizardon? I vote for Charmander, but apparently Google and our graphic designers have roots in other options.

Lizardon Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone


3. Cute Pokemon Wallpaper iPhone Pikachu

Can you talk about cute Pokemon without including Pikachu? Even screen rants rank him as the cutest Pokemon ever. To commemorate that, here is a special wallpaper.

Cute Pokemon Wallpaper iPhone Pikachu


4. Ghost Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper

The Pokemon episode was fun, but the “The Who’s Pokemon” challenge remained enthusiastic during the ad break. Let’s play a simple round of the game again. Which Pokemon do you think this is?

There is no cheating. Share your answer in the comments section. If you need a hint, double check the wallpaper title.

Ghost Pokemon Gengar iPhone Wallpaper


5. iPhone Pikachu Wallpaper

This may sound like a soap opera, but I love how almost every Pokemon has a cute, naughty side. And in combat, their aggressive, competitive, and sometimes terrifying aspects emerge. Like us, we are hot and then cold.

iPhone Pikachu Wallpaper


6. Mr. Mime Pokemon Wallpaper

I like that certain Pokemon are completely imaginative, but some are inspired by real resources. Mr. Mime is one example.

Story time with AK: When I was watching the episode of Mr. Meme, my niece (7 people at that time) asked me why Mr. Meme wasn’t there. A proud feminist aunt can only do Google search. But do you know? If not, this resource is useful.

Mr. Mime Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper


7. Talonflame cute Pokemon wallpaper

Do games and products like / enjoy redesigning Pokemon? Some changes like the Pokemon Unite Talon Frame to sport a special aviation look are good. However, there are some that are not so impressive. So which tweaks do you like or hate 💬💬.

Talonflame cute pokemon wallpaper


8. Machamp Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper

This is another melodramatic punch. The strength of this Pokemon is also its greatest weakness. You can throw 500 punches per second, but you can’t scratch your back to save lives.

Machamp Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper


9. Lucario Wallpapers for iPhone

An interesting fact about Lucario, combat / steel type Pokemon is one of the most popular, especially in the gaming community. It is usually ranked in the top five and is one of the 46 mega-evolutionable species.

Pokemon Lucario Wallpapers for iPhone


10. Pokemon Cinderess Wallpaper for iPhone

I’m not a fan of Cinderella, but iGeeksBlog’s football-loving team loves it, so I’ve got the wallpaper. That said, we have to admit that it looks very cool on the iPhone home and lock screens.

Pokemon Wallpaper iPhone Cinderes


Story time with AK: No one has asked, but I would like to share my favorite moments in the Pokemon series. It was in the season 1 episode “Electric Shock Showdown” that Pikachu decided not to evolve and to be as strong as possible.

I hope there is someone in their life who supports their decision as much as Ash did for Pikachu. There are many reasons to love Pokemon, but this scene has made me more fond of it.

And after that emotional outflow, I have nothing more (surprisingly) to say. So I hope you enjoy these wallpapers here. Share your opinions, feelings, memories, etc. with us.

Photo of Promised Ash and Pikachu:


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