Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE Download

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Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE: meet anime mobs, get interesting items, and use unusual abilities!

Naruto Mod for Minecraft Bedrock

Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE was created especially for all fans of this fascinating series. Players who have never heard about anime will learn to fight using katana or shuriken. There are many more interesting things in this modification.

Craft Mod

Japanese culture has fans all over the world. Naruto Craft Mod is an adapted version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A large selection of weapons, armor, and other innovations awaits everyone who downloads this modification.

In this Naruto Craft Mod for Minecraft PE, a unique selection of weapons awaits the hero: shibuki and hiramekarei swords, Japanese knife kunai, metal arrows, the well-known shuriken blades, and the long katana sword.

An impressive collection of armor is also available, which will not disappoint any fans of this series.

The hero can appear in the image of Naruto or other characters from the series, including Kisame Hoshigaki, Itachi Uchiha, and Conan.

Jedy Mod

The Naruto Jedy add-on for Minecraft PE is incredibly interesting. The capabilities of a hero are almost unlimited. Join the battle with Biju, ninja, and other creatures. Become Jinchuriki, fight a wolf and kill him to get Mangekyō Sharingan.

By the way, the choice of Biju is really impressive: Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuki, and Kurama. Discover the world of magic with Naruto Jedi Mod for Minecraft PE!

Shippuden Mod

Another Minecraft PE mod, Naruto Shippuden, complements the game with even more weapons and armor. It allows you to improve the skills of the hero.

Players can fully plunge into the long-beloved world of Naruto, to feel like a full-fledged participant in the events of this animated series. Download the mod and enjoy exciting adventures in the world of anime!

Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE

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