Download Latest Lucky Patcher Apk – Download V7.3.4 For Android

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If you’re an Android user then you must have a wish to use the premium version of your current apps, because the app you’re working on is just its normal version and have limited functions to perform. If you want to enjoy all the features and functions then you must have to pay for that, which costs you a very handsome amount.

What if we don’t have much money to spend on those apps? For that kind of situation, I have a brilliant app for you, the name of this app is Lucky Patcher and this will surely amaze you by its features and trust me this is totally free, it won’t cost you a single buck for any service.

Wait, Do this app require something special or is this available for some specified devices? The answer to this question is Big Nooo, Lucky Patcher is available for almost every possible android smartphone, no matter what your device brand is.

Download Lucky Patcher App For Android

As we all know that Google Play store has millions of app available there but the apps which are available for free have some limited functions to perform and have advertisements in it. So they ask you to purchase their pro version to make it add free and provides you good user experience.

Why burn the whole pocket when you can get all of this for free of cost, yeah! It sounds fake but it isn’t. You can easily remove ads from any app, purchase coins and get premium access without paying any bucks. All of this can be done through this Lucky Patcher Apk.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an app which allows you to modify your custom or stocks app and let them work according to your needs. You can crack their premium services, remove advertisements from it or take backup of the app or migrate it from phone storage to memory card space and much more. You can explore them all by downloading lucky patcher app for Android.

You don’t have to follow any long procedure or don’t need any special specifications to install this app, all you need is an Android Device with quality performance, the rest is all good.lucky-patcher-apk for androidIf you’re keen on modifying apps and want to remove license verification from any app then this is the most favorable app for this kind of work and most recommended too. You won’t have to rush on Google for any paid tools or dork, you just have to download this app and start working on your android.

Features of Lucky Patcher

A number of features are available in this app, you just have to explore them according to your wants. You’ll find a bunch of unexpected features here which might fulfill the need of a couple of other third-party apps. In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the best features of lucky patcher app.

You’ll get out of time but this won’t end, Let’s start with some major functions which make this app stand apart from the crowd of hacking apps. You can hack or modify almost any app which you want to. maybe this is enough for the intro, Let’s move to the highlight of features of Lucky Patcher.

  • Create Backup

Now you do not have to install any other app to take backup of your system apps or the apps which you had downloaded from play store. This app has a function to take backup of your apps and also you can Enable Automatic Backup Option from the Toolbox section in Lucky Patcher App.

  • Remove Ads

Without any doubt, we all know that most of the free apps have ads in it if we want ads free version then we shall have to pay some fixed fee for that. But through this app you can remove ads from any app without spending a single penny, it’s all free.

  • Change Value

This means you can hack games and change your gems or coins value to hundreds, thousands or even millions. You’ll get everything like ammo, health and whatever kind of stuff it is. I recommend you not to try lucky patcher on online games or your account would be get banned for always, try this app on offline games like subway surf, and temple run type of games.

  • Modded Play Store

Maybe it’s quite long to modify each and every app, one by one, isn’t it? So here Lucky Patcher has a brilliant solution for you. Now you can download modified Play Store from where you can download the cracked app with fully modified stuff.

  • Licence Free App

Some apps are banned in our locality or for our device, by this app you can let then work on your smartphone without any issue. You just have to remove the license from the app which can be done easily. You can also use this feature to make clones of an app to use multiple accounts on your smartphone.


You don’t have to arrange something unique to Install Lucky Patcher App, just some basic requirements are mentioned here which will help you to get an idea about the System Requirement or get knowledge about the capable Android Version and models.

  • Android Device

It is easy to see that this app is officially available for Android and have covered a wide range of Android models and Android versions. This app is capable of 4.2 KitKat to 7.1 Nougat, which means it is available for almost every android which is available in today’s era.

  • Rooted/Non-Rooted?

You don’t have to root your device if you just want to modify apps to remove license or want to make them as free. But, If you want to hack games and credits then you must have to root your android phone. Because it’s must be required to root android for using all of its features, if you can adjust with its limited functions then you can install it on your Non-Rooted Device either you have to make it rooted.

  • Little Bit Of Knowledge

You don’t have to play with codes or need any special programming guts, you just have to follow their given instructions and Lucky Patcher will help in getting what you want. If you’re in hurry then you can also scroll down to get our words and tutorials about the installation and how-to topics.

Steps To Install Lucky Patcher App For Android

You won’t find this app on Play Store because it isn’t available there because it’s working against the Google Policy so they don’t accept this kind of app on their platform. But there’s nothing to worry about, I’m here to introduce you with direct download link of this Lucky Patcher App for Android.

Also here I’ll discuss the installation process of this app, which is going to take a couple of minutes.

You should have to change some settings of your device to make it easy to install third-party apps.

  • Go To Settings > Security.
  • There you’ll find an option named Unknown Sources, Mark it enables to grant permission to install new apps on your device.

Download Lucky Patcher

  • Now you have to Download lucky patcher Apk. (Click on the below button to start downloading)

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

  • After downloading the app hit Install button and make it available into your device.Download Lucky Patcher
  • Open the app and there you’ll get some pop up which ask you to grant permission over your smartphones different genres, like camera, storage or media.Hit Allow button for all of them to grant permission.
  • You’re Done! Now you can enjoy the services of Lucky Patcher App.

Install Lucky Patcher App For iPhone

Sorry to say but right now Lucky Patcher app isn’t available for iOS. You can’t use this app on your iOS handset, but you can try some alternatives of this app which are available there and are capable with iPhone devices too because they are officially designed to make iPhone users happy and save their money from funding over the unrated apps.

If I ever get any update about Lucky Patcher or its update which is good for iPhone users then I’ll make this post update, but for the now you must have to wait for a while or you can go with some other hacking/cracking apps.

Ping me on my email and I’ll provide the list of some really good app which is working on iPhone to do the same work as Lucky Patcher do. Also, they all are free and they never ask you to pay them for their services.

How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk

It all depends on your needs, for what you’re going to use Lucky Patcher because there are different steps for all tweaks. Don’t be afraid, I’m free to share all of them one by one, just keep scrolling and start searching what’s good to try.

How To Remove Ads From Android Apps

If you have some apps like MX Player or PicsArt type of apps which are really good in their genre but they have ads which makes you feel annoyed because they are kind of spam and interrupt your browsing. So what would you do now? Here, I’m going to tell the easiest way to prevent ads from any app without doing any special hard work.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher App.
  • It will show the list of apps which are available in your mobile phone.
  • Choose the app which you want to make ads free.
  • Now you’ll get options to patch that apk, select Open Menu Of Patches.
  • From here you can patch your app by removing google ads, or you can create a new modified app which doesn’t have ads in it.
  • That’s it.

How To Remove License From Apps

There are some games which ask you for the license to play, if you don’t have unique id then you can’t play those games so for this problem lucky patcher have an easy solution for you to make your app license free. Let’s take a look at the steps to get an idea of the tweak.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher App
  • As I previously said, it will show you the list of apps which are available in your gadget, choose the app who is asking for the license.
  • Click on that, you’ll get few options there.
  • Choose the third one, Open Menu of Patchers.
  • From there you can remove license verification easily.
  • You have to rebuild a new app because this will not work with your current app.
  • It will import an apk file into your file manager, you can search it in Android folder of your File Manager.
  • Uninstall the previous one, and make it install to replace that game.
  • TADAM! You’re done! Now you can enjoy your game without any issue.

How To Get Modded Play Store

As I said it’s long and time-consuming process to patch each and every app you have or you’re going to use in further. So lucky patcher had introduced us with an amazing tool which helps us to download modded apps directly through the play store. Isn’t this sounds good and easy? Here, I’ll tell you how to get modded play store and how to make it default on your device.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher Apk
  • You’ll be redirected to its homepage, take a look at the footer area.
  • There are many options available there, click on Toolbox.
  • Scroll down and search for Patch To Android option.
  • A pop up will appear on your screen within a couple of seconds, just tick mark the first two points and hit the Apply Button. (This is for granting permission to install modded play store)
  • Open the Lucky Patcher app again, and Go to Toolbox section.
  • Now find Install Modded Google Play Store it’s just below to that Patch To Android option.
  • Again you’ll get a pop-up with a brief note with Play Store version list and with their android versions requirements.
  • Choose the perfect one which suits your mobile and hit the Install button.
  • It will take a little bit of time to install it on your device but there’s nothing to worry about, just stay calm and wait for it.
  • When it’s done you can check it on own by downloading paid apps for free or update your current apps with patched versions and much more.

How To Buy Coins and Gems For Free

This isn’t legal, if you’re going to hack points of a game by making a fake purchase then it’s against the law. So be sure about that your game isn’t connected with google account or with any other social account. If they are, then there are higher chances of getting blocked from that app and of losing your account for the lifetime too.

If you want the list of apps which are available to hack by lucky patcher app then I’ll try to make a list of their names and try to share it with you. To make it possible to show your support in favor of our hard work by sharing this post with your friends.

Let’s move to the tutorial first to get known with the tweak by which you’ll learn how can you hack or increase your points of any game with the help of lucky patcher app.

  • Open the App
  • Select the game in which you want unlimited counts.
  • You’ll get a number of options there, click on the third option Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation.
  • A pop-up would appear on your screen, just click on patch option. Don’t change any setting or mark anything unless you have proper knowledge of that point.
  • Patching will be started within few seconds and it will take only a few minutes to make it complete.
  • Click on the Launch Button to try the Patch, if it doesn’t work then repeat the steps from the beginning.

You’ll not get points directly into your account, you have to purchase them from the store, nothing to worry about it won’t cost you a buck. It’s free, as I promise.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here I’ll reply to those questions which are floating over the heads of the user while using this app or when they try to install this app. If you have any doubt then let me know about that, you can drop your question into the below comment form.

Is this App Legal or Illegal?

If you want an answer in one word then it’s Illegal, but trust me if you use Lucky Patcher app to modify apps to remove ads and license then it’s fine. But if you try this app to purchase google credit or rush for hacking purpose then this will convert itself into illegal.

Do we really need to Root Android for this app?

No, you don’t. You can use this app on non-rooted devices too but the thing is that you’ll only get limited options in non-rooted devices as per their Terms and conditions, but if you have a fully rooted device then you can take full benefit of this app and do whatever you want to.

Why isn’t this app available on Google Play Store?

As we all know this app is promoting hacking and patching kind type of stuff and google is strictly against of this. That’s why they don’t accept this app in their store, but you are in interested in this app then you can download it right from our blog. Scroll up and there you’ll find the direct download link of lucky patcher app.

Final Words

Several Games, Apps are becoming popular day by day and it’s very annoying when you open the apps and Ads comes. There is not way in that you can skip the ad or stop seeing it. But Lucky Patcher is the app which have solution so why not use it. There is nothing wrong in it. In my advice you have to use the Lucky Patcher app for your andorid device and use it.