Download Dragon Ball Z wallpaper for iPhone in 2021

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If you love anime wallpapers as much as we do, here is a treat for you! Here are some great Dragon Ball Z wallpapers for iPhone. This incredibly popular anime franchise has some great characters that you can display on your home screen or lock screen, thanks to these HD images.

Even if you are not a fan, you can enjoy the vibrant colors and fascinating images. Scroll down to view and download the cool Dragon Ball Z wallpaper for iPhone.

1. Future Trunks Wallpaper

This Trunks DBZ wallpaper introduces this talented fighter in his glory. Trunks are polite, serious and I think the hair is the coolest!

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 1


2. Goku iOS Wallpaper

Make your screen look vibrant with this fierce orange Goku wallpaper.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 2


3. Super Saiyan 2 Wallpaper

Get inspired by this stunning Super Saiyan 2 wallpaper and convey the energy of that warrior!

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 3


4. Goku vs Goku Black

I love this bright red dragonball wallpaper featuring Goku and Black Goku, his doppelganger from another dimension.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 4


5. Goku Super Saiyan Blue Wallpaper

Enjoy the gradient backgrounds and stunning colors of this DBZ wallpaper that introduces Goku Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 5


6. Kamehameha Goku Wallpaper

This is another Super Saiyan Blue Goku background that is perfect for showing your love for the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 6


7. Flying Goku Super Saiyan Blue Wallpaper

How cute this flying Goku wallpaper is! I’m sure it’s packed with punches to make the screen look good.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 7


8. Super Saiyan Future Trunks

Check out this stunning trunks wallpaper for iPhone, adding pop colors and pizza.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 9


9. Majin Buu wallpaper

This genie-like character may be an adversary, but he’s still a little cute! Even more so with this gorgeous wallpaper that makes you smile.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 9


10. Gohan’s black background

Grab this stunning Gohan wallpaper with black background and add minimalist dragonball aesthetics to your screen.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 10


11. Cute Gohan wallpaper

Every time you look at the screen of your mobile phone, you can enjoy a glimpse of cute Gohan!

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 11


12. Mural painting of Master Roshi’s house

A beautiful and aesthetic dragon ball wallpaper depicting the dreamlike house of Master Roshi.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 12


13. Fly with Nimbus wallpaper

I love the magical atmosphere of this wallpaper with Goku flying in Nimbus!

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 13


14. Turtle House Wallpaper

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of the ocean? Well, you can at least download this wallpaper to remind you of it!

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 14


15. Vegeta Wallpaper

If you prefer dark and unobtrusive wallpapers, check out this stunning image of the fallen Saiyan prince Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper 15


We hope you like this collection of DBZ character wallpapers. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. And please tell us your favorite image in the comments below.

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