Does the alarm sound on my Android phone? The Google Clock app may be the culprit!

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Google clock alarm clock bug android phone

If you haven’t been able to attend a recent morning meeting because your Android device didn’t sound the alarm, don’t blame your smartphone. It seems that you are not the only one facing this problem. This is related to the Google Clock app. According to some reports, the Google Clock app has a bug where scheduled alarms don’t sound on time, or in some cases don’t play at all.

According to recent reports, many Android users are currently facing alarm clock issues in the Google Clock app. Some users used Reddit to share their issues, but many complained about the issue on Google’s official Issue Tracker forums.

Interestingly, this issue isn’t limited to specific brands of smartphones such as OnePlus and Oppo. Some Google Pixel users have recently been reported to have faced a Google Clock alarm clock bug on their device.

So what’s causing the problem? Well, Google is officially working on the issue and there is no issue from the Google side. Instead, Spotify is due to a bug in the alarm block. Apparently, if you assign an alarm sound from Spotify when setting an alarm in the Google Clock app, the alarm will not sound. According to the mountain view giant “Spotify is aware of the issue and is rolling out a fix.”

So if you don’t want this bug to affect your routine, we recommend that you don’t use Spotify songs for alarms in your watch app.In addition, the company has a clock app “Getting resilience to this kind of problem” future.