Does my MacBook charge when I plug it in? Actual fix (2021)

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Will my MacBook battery charge when I plug in a USB-C or MagSafe cable? This could be due to a wall outlet, cable, charging adapter, heat, battery deterioration, or a bad SMC on your Mac. But don’t worry. Fix the MacBook not charging issue unless it’s a hardware issue and make sure everything is fine again.

let’s start!

  1. Basic fix
  2. Mac battery status shows “not charged”
  3. Reset SMC
  4. Check the battery status of your MacBook
  5. Contact Apple Support

1. Basic fix

I. Make sure your MacBook isn’t overheated

If your computer gets too hot, it may not charge. To fix this, save your work and shut it down. After a few minutes, the machine should cool down and start charging again.

II.Check the wall outlet

Make sure the charger is properly connected to the wall outlet. If you are using an extension board, consider plugging the charger directly into the wall plug.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try a different wall outlet. Apple says

“The power adapter automatically turns off when its built-in voltage protection detects line noise from the outlet. A possible cause of line noise is a ballast on the same electrical circuit as the outlet you are using. Includes a refrigerator, or a light with a mini-refrigerator. “

To fix this, connect your MacBook charger to another circuit or a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) outlet.

III.Check the charger and cable

Check your MacBook charger and cable

If your MacBook doesn’t charge when you plug it in, it will take a few seconds to verify that the charger and cable are okay. Also, make sure the charging brick is not too hot. If it’s unusually hot, unplug it from the wall outlet and MacBook and let it cool.

Note: Not all USB-C cables are the same. The USB-C cable that came with your Android phone, or the USB-C cable that you bought for a few dollars, may not charge your MacBook. Try using the one that came with your Apple notebook. Alternatively, use the reputable one listed in the product description that is compatible with MacBook charging.

Does my MacBook charge using the MagSafe connector? Is your MacBook charger not working and the lights on? If yes, consider reversing MagSafe. That is, if the wire came from the back of the screen before, flip it over so that the wire comes from the front.

IV.Make sure the connection is correct

It’s also important that the charging cable fits snugly into your MacBook’s charging port. USB-C cables and ports often loosen over time. For example, some older MacBooks in our office have loose and wobbling ports. Be careful not to experience even the slightest pull. Otherwise, charging will stop.

Thankfully, early MacBooks with MagSafe don’t have this problem. The magnet fits perfectly.

V. Restart your Mac

This is another important solution for fixing Mac plugins, but it’s not a charging issue. Save the work in progress, Apple logo It is on the upper left.Then click Reboot.. When the computer is turned on again, it will charge normally.

Restart your mac

VI.Try another charger temporarily

If possible, borrow a MacBook charger from a friend or family member and see if you can use it to charge your computer. If yes, it means that the problem is with the charger or cable. Consider taking it to an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Center for inspection.

VII. Update your mac

Another useful solution to fix the “MacBook not charging when plugged in” issue is to update MacOS to the latest version of macOS. Some updates may improve communication between your MacBook and the charger.

Click to update Apple logo Upper left → System PreferencesSoftware update..

Click on Software Update for this Mac

Note: Software update takes a long time to download and install. In addition, if the battery is significantly low, you need to connect to charging. You can’t do that, so consider using a different charger. Alternatively, follow the remaining solutions below. Hopefully the problem should be fixed.

2. Mac battery status shows “Not Charged”

When I click the battery icon in the top menu bar, does it say “”?Not charging‘Even if you connect a MacBook charger?

Intel-based notebooks running macOS 10.15.5 or later may be doing this intentionally to extend overall battery life. When the amount of charge drops below 90%, charging will start again. However, if you want to resume charging now, follow the steps below to turn off battery status management.

  1. click Apple logo And select System Preferences..
  2. click batteryBattery status..

    At the bottom of the Mac[バッテリーの状態]Choose

  3. Uncheck Manage battery lifeeraseOK..

    Turn off MacBook Battery Health Management-Step 1

    Turn off MacBook Battery Health Management-Step 2

Note: It’s important to know that turning off battery health management can shorten the battery life of your MacBook.


  • If you are using a low power adapter Not charging Sentence. Consider using the power adapter that came with your Mac, or one of the equivalent wattages.
  • In rare cases, running some demanding applications such as video editors, 3D modeling apps, etc. may require your MacBook to require more power than the adapter currently provides. In this case, consider terminating unnecessary apps and services. It’s also helpful to restart your Mac and use a more powerful adapter.

3. Reset the SMC

Issues related to charging Intel-based MacBooks, etc. can be fixed by resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). There is another guide where you can learn how to reset the SMC.

How to reset SMC on MacBook with T2 chip

If you’re using a new MacBook with Apple Silicone, just restart your Mac.

4. Check the battery status of your MacBook

The next important solution is to check the battery status of your MacBook. It deteriorates significantly and “service,’Consider replacing the battery at the Apple Store or an authorized service provider.

Finally, if nothing goes wrong, contact Apple Support. It may also help you make a reservation at your local Apple Store or service center to inspect your MacBook.

These were solutions to fix the MacBook not charging due to a plugin issue. If its helpful then im happy. Now you can use it with confidence.

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