Does Bluetooth work on iPhone and iPad?10 ways to fix it

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Transferring files from your phone to another device or connecting your iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth device is easy, but it can fail. Also, it is often due to a Bluetooth usage error rather than an error on the device you are trying to connect to.

However, whether it’s a usage error, a mobile phone or a Bluetooth device, it’s easy to resolve. Please continue reading. Here’s how to fix the problem that Bluetooth doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad.

However, make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your iPhone or iPad before proceeding with the fix. Also, if you need to activate Bluetooth on another device, make sure it is active.

  1. Make sure you are in close proximity to your Bluetooth device
  2. Switch Bluetooth on / off
  3. Use manual connection
  4. Pay attention to the connection prompts on your phone and other devices
  5. Forget the device and reconnect
  6. Restart your connected device and iPhone
  7. Disconnect from other Bluetooth devices
  8. Update iOS version
  9. Reset iPhone or iPad
  10. Contact Apple Support

1. Make sure you are in close proximity to your Bluetooth device

If the proximity to the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to is low, the connection will fail. In addition, Apple recommends that the distance between your phone and your Bluetooth device be at least 10 meters. Therefore, anything more than that can lead to signal loss. The iPhone or iPad and the Bluetooth device should be close together for a seamless connection.

In addition, make sure there are no obstacles between your iPhone or iPad and the connected device. This is because such obstacles often result in signal attenuation or loss of signal strength.

2. Turn Bluetooth on / off

If Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad is on for a long time, the device may fail to read. In this case, if you switch it off and then on, the signal will be updated and visible to nearby Bluetooth devices.

To turn Bluetooth on and off, Control center Swipe the iPhone screen from top right to bottom. Then tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off, wait a few seconds and then turn it on. After all, you may find that you didn’t turn it on. Then reconnect the Bluetooth device to see if it works.

Turn Bluetooth on or off on your iPhone

3. Use manual connection

Do you expect your phone to automatically pair with your device? If not, don’t be disappointed. Like many smartphones, automatic connections fail on iPhones and iPads. Therefore, it is recommended to check the device in the Bluetooth settings and connect to the device manually.

To do this on your iPhone or iPad ConfigurationBluetooth.. Tap the device from the list and wait for a while to connect.

Use manual connection on iPhone

4. Look for a connection prompt on your phone and other devices

You may also miss the connection access prompt for the phone or other device you are trying to connect to via Bluetooth. This is often the first time you connect to a Bluetooth device. For example, a PC usually pops a message asking you to allow a connection request from another device. This is also true if you are connected to Android’s Bluetooth.

However, this message may appear on one or both devices. Therefore, be aware of such messages on both devices. Then follow any prompts to successfully establish a Bluetooth connection.

5. Forget the device and reconnect

The device can fail to connect even if the device is already on the Bluetooth list. This happens when the above device is not connected and hangs there for a while.

It works if you forget and reconnect such a device. Therefore, if you discard and reconnect in this way, it will be like establishing a new connection with your Bluetooth device.

To forget your Bluetooth device on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Configuration..
  2. Move to Bluetooth..
  3. Tap blue (Me) The icon on the right side of the Bluetooth device.
  4. select Forget this device..
    When prompted, tap Forget the deviceForget the device..

    Forget the device and reconnect on iPhone

Then pair the Bluetooth device again.To do this, go to ConfigurationBluetooth.. Tap your device to connect to your iPhone or iPad. If you’re not sure, also check out how to pair your Airpod with your iPhone. Also, for headphones, this guide will help.

6. Restart the connected device and iPhone

Random access memory (RAM) on your iPhone or iPad may freeze and Bluetooth may stop working. There is no hard explanation for this, but restarting your iPhone or iPad often resolves the issue. In addition, a reboot will bring up a new phone and erase the RAM.

7. Disconnect from other Bluetooth devices

The Bluetooth 5.0 hardware included with iPhone 8 and above allows you to pair multiple devices, but it can still fail. Therefore, we recommend disconnecting unused Bluetooth devices. At the very least, this allows the iPhone or iPad to focus its signal strength on the preferred device.

To disconnect other devices on your iPhone or iPad: Go to ConfigurationBluetooth.. (TapMe) Select the icon on the right side of the Bluetooth device, Disconnect..

Disconnect from other Bluetooth devices on your iPhone

8. Update iOS version

If your iOS or iPad OS is not out of date, you may lose your Bluetooth configuration between your phone and another device. In addition, the iOS update may have fixed some notable bugs in recent bugs, preventing certain devices from connecting to your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, please update your iPhone to the latest version.

For this, open ConfigurationUniversalSoftware update, And check if there are any pending updates.If yes, tap Download and install also Install now..

How to install official iOS 15 on iPhone

9. Reset your iPhone or iPad

If the other fixes didn’t work, resetting the phone should be the last resort. This will restore your iPhone or iPad to its default settings and make it look like new.

However, this action deletes all files from local storage. Therefore, back up your photos, videos, and other files to iCloud before proceeding to reset your iPhone.

Backing up your files gives you the confidence to reset your iPhone or iPad. When you’re done, you should consider recovering all deleted files from iCloud.

There is nothing better than contacting the manufacturer of the product to resolve the issue. Therefore, if you can’t connect to Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend contacting Apple Support. Thankfully, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to contacting Apple Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I connect multiple Bluetooth devices to my iPhone and iPad?

Yes, since iPhone 8, Apple has introduced Bluetooth 5.0. This not only improves the Bluetooth signal strength, but also allows you to connect to multiple devices. To connect to many devices at once with iPhone, select the above devices with Bluetooth Configuration.. You can also label these Bluetooth devices.

Q. How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone?

Connecting Bluetooth headphones is as easy as pairing with other Bluetooth devices. Nevertheless, there are some variations on this. By the time you read this guide, you’ll get better tips.

Q. How do I reset Bluetooth on my iPhone or iPad?

This is one way to fix the problem that Bluetooth doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad. There is no button to do this. You will need to disconnect all connected devices and restart your iPhone. This will clear the Bluetooth cache.

Q. Why can’t my iPhone find a Bluetooth device?

iPhone may not be able to detect your Bluetooth device for a variety of reasons, from disconnection or failed activation of Bluetooth software to hardware issues. Therefore, make sure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Activate your Bluetooth device if you haven’t already done so. Then try reconnecting both devices. If you still can’t find your device, you should eventually be able to solve the problem with one of the solutions described in this article.

that’s it!

These were some tricks I could try to fix the problem that Bluetooth doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad. And it’s largely not due to a hardware failure. So don’t worry!

Did any of these fixes work for you? Please let us know in the comments.

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