Does AirTag work on iPhone and iPad? 9 Must-see fix

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You are pretty excited to use Apple AirTag. But for some reason, AirTag isn’t running the setup process successfully or can’t track the item on the iPhone or iPad. In this article, we’ve put together nine best fixes to help you if AirTag doesn’t work with iPhone issues.

However, before jumping to the fix, make sure you meet all the requirements for using AirTag.

Requirements for setting AirTag on iPhone or iPad

The setup process is simple and hassle-free. However, if you can’t connect AirTag to your iPhone or iPad, it’s a good idea to check the following requirements before jumping to the fix.

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 14.5 or iPad OS 14.5 or later.
  • You need to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Keep only one AirTag nearby: Did you buy a pack of 4 AirTags? splendid! However, keep only one near your iPhone during setup. Once you’ve connected one, set up the other closer.
  • Make sure you are connected to stable Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Enable “Search”:[設定]→[上部にある自分の名前]→[マイを探す]→[iPhoneを探す]→[iPhoneを探す]When[ネットワークを探す]To enable.
  • Enable location services:[設定]→[プライバシー]→[位置情報サービス]→[位置情報サービス]To enable. next,[システムサービス]Tap and make sure the Find My iPhone switch is green.
  • For Precision Finding for using AirTag on iPhone 11 and 12 series:[設定]App →[プライバシー]→[位置情報サービス]→ Scroll down[探す場所]Tap →[正確な場所]Turn on. [位置情報サービス]under[探すもの]If you don’t see, go to your iPhone’s home screen / app library and[探すもの]Open the app. Then it will be displayed.

If that doesn’t work, read on and fix the problem.

9 tips to fix AirTag not connecting issue

1. Disable iPhone Bluetooth and then enable it

You can address some basic connectivity issues by turning Bluetooth off and then back on.

  1. Move to Configuration Tap Bluetooth..
    Do not use the control center for this.
  2. erase Bluetooth..
  3. After 30 seconds, turn the power off and then on again.

2. Check Wi-Fi or cellular data connection

Make sure you are connected to strong Wi-Fi or cellular data. Open Safari or YouTube and play the video. If it plays smoothly with good quality, this means your connection is decent. If not, please visit these guides to fix Wi-Fi or mobile data issues.

3. Restart your iPhone and iPad

Rebooting the device is an easy and essential way to fix AirTag not working or connectivity issues. Use or open the button to power off or turn on your iPhone ConfigurationUniversalshut down.. After 1 minute, turn on your iPhone.

4. Update the latest iOS version

Shortly after releasing iOS 14.5, Apple released iOS 14.5.1. This includes some bug fixes. Software updates are typically frequent after a new product is launched, each addressing the bugs, glitches, and issues faced by the user.

To verify that AirTag works properly, open your iPhone Configuration → Tap UniversalSoftware update..Tap if there are updates available Download and install also Install now (If it has already been downloaded.)

5. Clean the Apple Air Tag

Remove the AirTag from the case, strap, or enclosure you are using. Make sure the surface is not covered with dust, wax or other unwanted coatings. AirTag is drip-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof (IP67), but be careful when cleaning the surface.

6. Remove AirTag and reconnect

  1. Open Find me On your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap item It’s in the bottom line.
  3. Tap AirTag (maybe a key, bag, or the name you set).
  4. Then tap Delete itemdelete..

After removing AirTag, restart your iPhone and reconnect AirTag.

7. Remove the AirTag battery and reinsert it

AirTag is equipped with a user replaceable CR2032 coin battery. Here’s how to take it out and put it back.

  1. Push down on the stainless steel cover on the back of the AirTag.
  2. While pushing it down, rotate it counterclockwise (from right to left) until it stops rotating.
  3. Then pull the back cover to remove the battery.
  4. When reinserting, make sure the plus (+) side is up.
  5. Push the battery down until you hear a sound confirming that the battery is installed properly.
  6. Then replace the cover and rotate it clockwise (left to right) to secure it.

This is a way to remove and reinsert the AirTag battery to fix the related issue. This is also useful if you need to replace a depleted AirTag battery (usually after 10-12 months).

AirTag with back cover removed
Source: IFIXIT

8. Reset iPhone network settings

Resetting network settings removes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, mobile data, and related settings. However, personal data such as photos, apps, and music will remain. To fix the AirTag issue, follow the steps below to reset your iPhone network settings.

  1. Open Configuration Tap Universal..
  2. Scroll down and tap reset..
  3. Tap Reset network settings..

    Reset iPhone network settings

After the iPhone restarts, connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data and the problem should go away. This is a way to fix almost all AirTag issues and use them effectively to monitor your everyday belongings.

9. Reset AirTag

In some cases, resetting AirTag may help resolve the issue. To reset, you need to remove the battery 5 times and then reinsert it. This means that you will hear five successful battery placement sounds.

However, you need to keep track of the counts and run them accurately. If not, you’ll have to go through the steps again, which can be quite frustrating.

For more clarity, you can find a guide on how to reset AirTag.

A common problem with AirTag is that it won’t pair with a new or the same iPhone after a reset. The reason behind it isn’t clear at this point, but basic troubleshooting methods seem to help.

In particular, the above troubleshooting methods can also help you solve the problem, so give it a try.

  • Restart iPhone
  • Reboot AirTag (remove and reinsert the battery)
  • Check Wi-Fi or cellular data connection
  • Disable iPhone Bluetooth and then enable it

If the setup animation disappears

When you start pairing AirTag, you’ll see a quick animation on your iPhone. If the animation is MIA, you need to put the device to sleep.

  1. Press the side button or sleep / wake button on your iPhone.
  2. After a few seconds, wake up and unlock your iPhone.
  3. Wait up to 15 seconds and the AirTag animation will reappear.

AirTag is connected to another Apple ID

If the connection process is interrupted with a message that AirTag is connected to another Apple ID, you may need to remove AirTag from your previous Apple ID.

In particular, if you got an AirTag from someone, you’ll need to contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the AirTag from your account. (Reciprocal link from article – remove AirTag and reconnect) When you’re done, try reconnecting AirTag.

Try until you succeed

It’s ridiculous, but this actually works for me. I had to reset the AirTag multiple times (three times to be exact, but who is counting) and finally I was able to repair the AirTag.

I’m really sorry if this happens, but we’re in this vicious circle until Apple offers smarter firmware or better solutions.

sign off

We hope you find this guide useful. If you need further assistance, please contact Apple Support to discuss your specific issue.

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