Do you think robot dogs are cool?This company created a unicorn robot to give children a ride

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Chinese EV company develops AI-based unicorn robot to provide children with fun rides

When you think of a four-legged robot, the eerie yet witty robot dog spot of Boston Dynamics immediately comes to mind. Advanced robotic dogs range from monitoring nuclear-affected Chernobyl to helping frontline workers deal with the coronavirus pandemic and even helping NYPD resolve the case. , Helped in various fields of society and industry. However, one of the tasks that Spot cannot perform is to carry a human on his back.So the Chinese electric car maker has just developed 4-legged unicorn robot It can also be used as a means of transportation.

Xpeng Robotic Unicorn

This robot, called the Xpeng Robotic Unicorn, was developed by China-based EV company Xpeng. The company designed the robot unicorn to be a nifty way of transportation, preferably for children, and an intelligent companion for users.

That’s why the robot comes with four limbs attached to a body that has a seat-like area on its back. The face also has a monochromatic display that allows the robot to convey emotions by mimicking various eye-based expressions.

Chinese EV company develops AI-based unicorn robot to provide children with fun rides

Now that the seating area is built on the back, users can sit comfortably on the Xpeng Robotic Unicorn and experience a horseback riding experience. However, it is not possible to carry an adult human on his back. instead, Unicorn robots are perfect for kids 7 to 15 years old..

In addition to being human-carrying, the Xpeng Robotic Unicorn is able to track objects and autonomously drive on dangerous terrain, thanks to AI technology borrowed from the company’s autonomous EV initiative. Also, according to the company Establish an emotional connection with the rider Take advantage of AI’s capabilities and its ability to convey emotions via an onboard display.

The company recently unveiled its robot on YouTube in a CG-intensive video. The video shows the various features of the Xpeng robot, but the current actual prototype is shown at the end of a short promotional video. You can check it in the attachment below.


Regarding the availability of the Xpeng Unicorn Robot, the company has not yet mentioned anything about mass production of robots. However, the company has already prototyped, so if a potential market is found in the next few days, prototypes may be produced.