Disney + Hotstar introduces three new subscription plans. Delete Rs. 399 VIP plan

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With the recent boom in OTT streaming in India and elsewhere in the world, popular digital streaming giant Disney + Hotstar has moved from a two-tier subscription plan to a three-new subscription plan to watch. Offers more choices to the person. At a recent virtual event, Disney-owned streaming companies announced three new subscription plans. We have discontinued the previous VIP subscription offering and integrated all member-only movies and TV shows in one subscription model.

Disney + Hotstar new subscription plan

With the announcement of the new Hotstar Special and Disney + Hotstar Multiplex movies, the company has introduced a new plan. These include:

  • Mobile-only Disney + Hotstar mobile plan,
  • Midtia Disney + Hotstar Super Plan, and
  • High Tier Disney + Hotstar Premium Plan..

Disney + Hotstar Mobile and Super plans are priced at Rs. 499 rupees a year. Each premium plan costs 899 rupees per year and is the same price. 1,499 a year. However, as mentioned above, the Hotstar VIP plan sold at Rs. Eliminated 399 years a year.

Additional details

Now, to elaborate on the new plan, the Disney + Hotstar Mobile plan is similar to Netflix’s mobile-only subscription, allowing users to access their content library on a single mobile device. With this plan, users can enjoy HD video quality.

With the Disney + Hotstar Super plan, users can: Access and stream movies and TV shows on up to two devicesIncludes mobile, PC, and home devices at the same time. They get HD video quality as part of their super plan.

The premium plan hasn’t changed much, except that it allows users to access and stream content on up to four devices at the same time. Premium users currently have a limit on two devices for simultaneous streaming. In addition, 4K video quality is still for premium members only. You can find an overview of our new Disney + Hotstar subscription plan here.

Subscription plan Price (rupee) Supported devices Streaming quality
Disney + Hotstar Mobile Rs. 499 / year Cannot stream on one smartphone, laptop or TV HD
Disney + Hotstar Super Rs. 899 / year Up to 2 devices HD
Disney + Hotstar Premium Rs. 1,499 / year Up to 4 devices 4K


As you may have noticed, the new Disney + Hotstar plan offers more flexibility to consumers. Inspired by the subscription model Netflix applies, the company aims to reach more users with a mobile-only plan.

“The newly introduced subscription plan wants to make content more accessible to viewers by offering best-in-class entertainment while at the same time giving them the opportunity to choose the plan that best suits their needs. increase.” Sunil Rayan, chief and president of Disney + Hotstar, said in a statement.

The new subscription plan will be effective from September 1st of this year.