Did you spill water on your MacBook? This is what to do now!

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If you have an accident and spill water, juice, beer, soda, or other liquids on your MacBook, you need to: This article is not very technical. What is mentioned here is what you should (and should not) do immediately after spilling water. After doing these, take your system to the Apple Store or Authorized Service Center.

  1. Unplug your Mac charger
  2. Turn off your Mac
  3. Remove all connected peripherals
  4. Prevents water from penetrating inside
  5. If you have the tool, please remove the battery
  6. Wait for the water to evaporate
  7. Contact Apple Support to correct your appointment
  8. from now on

1. Unplug your Mac charger

Unplug the MacBook charger

The first thing to do is unplug your MacBook from charging. This cuts off the continuous current flow to the computer and helps limit additional serious damage.

2. Turn off your Mac

Water and dust are two of the most important external enemies of any electronic device, including the MacBook. If water spills on your MacBook, turn it off immediately.

If the trackpad isn’t wet, click the Apple logo in the upper left to[シャットダウン]Choose.

Click the Apple logo to shut down your Mac

If liquid is present throughout the machine, press and hold the power button on your MacBook for a few seconds to turn it off.

Press and hold the power button on your MacBook

3. Unplug all connected peripherals

Do not leave connected devices such as wired headphones, hard disks, external SSDs, pen drives, keyboards, mice, and Bluetooth receivers connected to your MacBook. Removing them ensures the safety of these peripherals and helps prevent water from clogging the ports or finding media inside.

4. Prevents water from entering inside

It’s easy to say. However, depending on the spilled water, assess the situation and act quickly to absorb as much water as possible. Use rolls, towels, cotton, or similar safe materials to absorb water from the MacBook keyboard area. At that time, keep water out or minimize it.

Once all visible liquids have been treated, use a cotton swab to safely absorb water through the small gaps.

5. If you have the tool, unplug the battery

Remove the battery from your Mac
Source: Apple

Unplugging the battery is also accessible on the latest Unibody MacBooks. But this requires the right tools. Unplugging the battery can prevent current from flowing through the entire wetboard and can prevent additional (serious) damage.

Some MacBook models require a Pentagon or Phillips screwdriver to remove the back cover. Once that is done, gently use the opening tool (or fingernail) to remove the battery connector from the logic board. Here are the instructions from iFixit.

6. Wait for the water to evaporate

After performing the above steps, wait for the water to evaporate. Best practice is to keep your MacBook off for at least 48 hours. It is okay to put it under the fan or use the hair dryer at a safe heat level to accelerate the process (be careful not to damage the inside with excessive continuous heat).

After waiting a few days, you may be confident that all the water is now evaporating. When I turn on my laptop, it may work and may appear to be fine. However, for long-term benefits, you’ll need to bring your MacBook to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Center for inspection.

A small amount of water can slowly corrode the logic board and make the machine completely unusable. So have it inspected.

8. Future

The MacBook is not waterproof, so keep liquids away. For example, don’t put juice next to a MacBook on the same table. If the liquid is often open, consider investing a few dollars to get a rubber cover for your MacBook keyboard. Alternatively, use a bottle with a cap instead of open glass at your work desk.

Use Time Machine to back up your Mac on a regular basis. This will securely store your valuable data in unfortunate situations and allow you to restore it to your new Mac or this Mac after modification (in most cases, the Apple Store will erase your device, so make a backup Is worth it). 4 ways to back up your Mac!

NS. How Much Does It Cost to Repair a MacBook Damaged by Water?

Liquid damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty. Therefore, the exact cost of repair depends on the damage. Apple Service Center inspects the device and then estimates the number.

Q. Will Apple repair water damage on Mac?

Yes. Apple will charge it, but at least your Mac will be repaired (unless it’s obsolete)

Q. Do you want to put rice on your Mac?

According to It Tech Online, it’s okay to use raw rice to dry your MacBook. But it’s not efficient and almost unnecessary.

Q. Can my Mac recover from flood damage?

Yes. Following the steps above, your Mac can recover from water damage. Then, when a trained technician inspects the machine and implements the necessary corrections, the MacBook will look the same as it was before the spill.

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