Developed by IIT Roorkee, this mobile app can detect early signs of an earthquake

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Although catastrophic when an earthquake hits an area, early warning of an approaching earthquake can help people take the necessary actions to protect themselves and their loved ones. With this in mind, IIT Roorkee has developed a mobile app that can detect early signs of an earthquake and deliver alerts to Android and iOS smartphone users.

In Uttarakhand, one of India’s most earthquake-affected areas, the state’s CM Pushkar Singh Dhami recently saw the release of this app. “Uttarakhand Bhookamp Alert“The lifesaving app looks for signs of a possible earthquake in Uttarakhand and warns users to evacuate to the same location.

“Uttarakhand is an earthquake-prone state, so this app helps authorities carry out rescue operations in the event of an earthquake.” The Uttarakhand commercial said at an official announcement event. This app was developed by the Uttarakhand Department of Disaster Management in collaboration with IIT Roorkee.

How does it work?

Regarding the operation of the mobile app, we use a system called the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system, which is a real-time earthquake information system. The system can detect early signs of possible earthquakes and issue warnings long before an earthquake occurs in the area.

For strangers, it produces v before the earthquake hits the areaVarious types of seismic waves due to faults With the movement of the structural plate. Catastrophic ground sway is the result of seismic shear waves, but primary and electromagnetic signals travel slower than shear waves.

Therefore, according to the developers, the EEW system takes advantage of this and Detects primary waves and electromagnetic waves Of potential earthquakes that issue warnings. In this way, you can deliver alert notifications to users via the Uttarakhand Bhookamp Alert app before an earthquake hits your area.


With the mobile app available, Uttarakhand Bhookamp Alert will be available for both iOS and Android. Initially, the Ministry of Earth Sciences launched it as a pilot project for the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The EEW project was further extended by the Uttarakhand State Government after the app succeeded in detecting early signs of an earthquake.

Talking about mobile apps, IIT Director Roorkee Ajit K Chaturvedi said: “I take great pride in sharing that IIT-R designed the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) mobile app, which includes earthquakes in the neighborhood, estimated arrival times, and their location. Timely distribution of information about the strength of the earthquake, loss of life. “

Download the Uttarakhand Bhookamp Alert app (Android | iOS)