Details of Intel’s crypto chip have been announced. Check them out here!

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Details of Intel's crypto chip have been announced. Check out the details!

Intel announced its first Bitcoin mining chip at the ongoing International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2022 event after announcing plans to enter the cryptocurrency mining market with its first blockchain chipset earlier this month. The chipset, called the Bonanza Mine BMZ1 ASIC, is the first generation SoC in the “blockchain accelerator” line. Along with this, the company also announced the Bonanza Mine system equipped with the Bonanza Mine chipset.

Intel Bonanza Mine BMZ1 ASIC SoC, Bonanza Mine System

Intel Bonanza Mine BMZ1 ASIC SoC is a 7nm chipset, Deliver up to 137 gigahashes / sec (GH / sec) While consuming 7.5W of power. Intel claims that blockchain accelerators enable power-efficient mining operations, but the BMZ1 chipset faces fierce competition from other market leaders such as MicroBT and Bitmain.

In addition to this, Intel also announced the Bonanza Mine System, which consists of 300 BMZ1 chipsets, 4 hashboards, an Intel FPGA control unit, 4 fans, and a programmable power supply unit (PSU).this Ready-to-run Bitcoin mining computers can provide mining performance of up to 40 terahashes / second (TH / s) It consumes 3,600W of power.

Sounds like a good choice for small miners, but the performance of the Bonanza Mine System is average compared to rivals like Bitmain’s Antminer S19XP unit, which can provide mining performance up to 140 TH / s.

Intel Bonanza Mine System announced
Image: Cointelegraph

Intel also said The 2nd generation Bonanza Mine BMZ2 ASIC chipset is also ready to ship, 40.4 GH / s is reported to be able to provide mining performance. In fact, the company says it has already begun shipping the GMZ2 chipset to clients such as the GRIID infrastructure and Jack Dorsey’s Block, formerly known as Square.2nd generation BMZ2-based Bonanza mining system Will be available on the market later this year It also offers better performance than the current BMZ1-based Bonanza mining system.

With the BMZ series ASIC chipsets and the Bonanza Mine System, Intel aims to establish its presence in the booming crypto mining sector. What do you think of Intel’s new Bitcoin mining chipset and ready-to-run mining computers? Please let us know in the comments below.