Delayed notifications on iPhone?Here’s how to fix it

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When I wake up, the first thing I do is check the notifications on my iPhone (I know it’s not a healthy habit). However, certain notifications may be delayed and miss time-sensitive notifications. If you are facing a notification delay on your iPhone, this can be due to a variety of reasons.

Read on to understand what caused the problem and how to fix it!

Why don’t I get notifications on my iPhone?

The most notable issue leading to notification delays is slow internet connection, both cellular and Wi-Fi. Another reason is if you have low data mode enabled in your Wi-Fi or mobile data options.

When low power mode is enabled, the app will not run in the background and notifications will be delayed to prevent the battery from draining quickly. Notifications tend to be delayed, especially if the battery is less than 20%.

Note: If you don’t receive any notifications, check out the instructions for fixing an issue where notifications don’t work on your iPhone.

How to fix delay notifications on iPhone

Now that we’ve recognized multiple reasons for notification delays, here are 10 fixes to address this issue:

  1. Turn off notification summary
  2. Turn off DND
  3. Turn on notifications
  4. Restart your iPhone
  5. Check your mobile phone and Wi-Fi connection
  6. Disable low power mode
  7. Turn off low data mode
  8. Update the app
  9. Check for iPhone software updates
  10. Reset network settings

1. Turn off notification summary

With iOS 15, Apple has released a new feature called Notification Summary. This allows users to schedule a specific time to receive a summary of notifications received throughout the day. If you are experiencing notification delays, we recommend that you turn this feature off. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Setting..
  2. Tap notification..
  3. choose Scheduled summary Tab and turn it off On the next screen.

    Turn off notification summary on iPhone

2. Turn off DND

Obviously, if you have silent mode turned on, you will not receive any notifications. Also, because we schedule DND to turn on automatically at certain times, notifications may be delayed. Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Open Setting..
  2. Tap concentration..
  3. select do not disturb..
  4. Switch it now off..

    Turn off DND on your iPhone

3. Turn on notifications

You need to turn on notification preview to see and change the notification style.

  1. Open Setting..
  2. Tap notification..
  3. select Show preview → Select everytime Also When unlocked..


  4. Tap Go back to the upper left.
  5. Scroll down App It is delaying notification.
  6. Once open, switch on Allow notifications Select → Alert style..

    Turn on notifications on iPhone

4. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is always one of the recommended solutions as it is known for solving problems. Regardless of your iPhone, see the article on how to restart your iPhone for step-by-step guides.

5. Check your cellular and Wi-Fi connections

Applications such as Instagram and Snapchat require an internet connection. Similarly, send notifications only if you are connected to the internet. Therefore, if notifications from such apps are delayed, please check your internet connection. To do so:

  1. Summon Control center:
    • For iPhone with Touch ID: Swipe from bottom to top.
    • For iPhones that use Face ID: Swipe from top to top.
  2. Check if it is connected Mobile data Also Wifi..
  3. If not, turn them upon..

6. Disable low power mode

If you enable low power mode, the app will not run in the background. This is to prevent battery drain. If you extend the battery life, you will miss notifications from the app in the background. If you want timely notifications, turn off low power mode. Method is as follows.

  1. Open Setting..
  2. invite battery..
  3. Toggle off Low power mode..

    Disable low power mode on iPhone

7. Turn off low data mode

Like low power mode, low data mode limits your app’s access to the internet in the background. Both Wi-Fi and mobile data settings should be turned off.

For Wi-Fi

  1. Open Setting..
  2. Tap Wifi..
  3. Tap “Me” An icon next to the connected network.
  4. Now switch off Low data mode..

    Turn off WiFi low data mode on iPhone

For mobile data

  1. Open Setting..
  2. select Mobile data/ /Cellular..
  3. Tap Mobile data options/ /Cellular data..
  4. Now turn it off Low data mode..

    Turn off low data mode for iPhone mobile data

8. Update the app

There is no need to introduce software bugs. From time to time, app updates are buggy and delay or prevent notifications. Developers usually fix these issues as soon as possible. If you are facing notification delays such as Instagram, be sure to update and even turn on the app on your iPhone Automatic updating For them.

9. Check for iPhone software updates

Like applications, iOS sometimes has bugs. Apple will ensure that these bugs are fixed by providing regular software updates. Please see the guide to update the iOS version of iPhone.

10. Reset the network settings

If none of the steps work, you may have a bug in the saved settings and you need to reset the network settings. No data will be lost, but don’t forget to back up your iPhone. Here are some guides to help you back up your iPhone.

  1. Move to SettingUniversal..
  2. select Transfer or reset iPhoneReset network settings..
  3. Now tap Reset network settings..

    Reset iPhone and iPad network settings

  4. Enter password Confirm your selection.

We hope these steps will help you fix the delay notifications on your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, please let us know in the comments below. We will support you as much as possible.

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