Combin Scheduler Review: Easily automate Instagram posts

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Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can help your business thrive if used in the right way. However, not only are these apps time consuming, they also act as a distraction. So how can you overcome this and get the most out of Instagram without wasting time?

Combin Scheduler is your answer! This scheduling tool makes all posts to Instagram. Efficiently schedule posts and stories to ensure consistency. But does it really save your time? Check it out in this review.

What is the Combin scheduler?

Combin Scheduler is a free tool for scheduling Instagram posts and stories. Suppose you’re looking for a free auto-publishing tool for Instagram. In that case, it’s no exaggeration to say that Combin Scheduler is one of the best tools to help you create gorgeous Instagram feeds.

The Combin Scheduler tool is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. This is not suitable if you are looking for an iPhone Instagram post scheduler as it does not work on iOS or Android. Nonetheless, it works fine, especially on Macs.

How to use CombineScheduler for Instagram

When you log in to your Instagram account using the tool, the scheduling process is no longer required. You can use Combin Scheduler to schedule posts, stories, or reposts. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to schedule posts, stories, and reposts.

How to schedule posts via Combin Scheduler

  1. choose account → Click Position Click → in the left panel Add new post It’s in the lower right.

    With Combin Scheduler for Mac[新しい投稿を追加]Click

  2. choose image It’s on the right.
  3. Now add the following details:
    • caption: Get a preset text template with a hashtag.You can also change the font
    • Add link to bio: The added link will be automatically updated in your Instagram biography.
    • Add location: You can also set the location
    • Date and time: Set the schedule date and time
  4. click create It was done once.

    How to use CombineScheduler for Instagram

Schedule your story using Combin Scheduler

  1. choose account → Click story Click → in the left panel Add a new story It’s in the lower right.
  2. next, image.. You can add multiple stories.
    Note: You cannot add text, filters or stickers to your images.
  3. option: Add a link to your biography.
  4. Set a schedule Date and time..
  5. click create It was done once.

    Schedule a story in Combin Scheduler on Mac

How to schedule reposts via Combin Scheduler

  1. choose account → Click Position Click → in the left panel Add new post It’s in the lower right.
  2. select Repost It’s at the top next to the story.
  3. here, Link to post I want to repost.
  4. Like posts Required details..
  5. click create..

    How to schedule reposts via Combin Scheduler

This tool is very easy to use.Simple, but the tool is not

Combin scheduler features

  • Posting schedule: The main purpose of this tool is to schedule posts and stories, which is done correctly. You can control the date and time and support instant publishing.
  • Automatic publication: Schedule unlimited posts, stories, and even reposts, and the app will publish these posts at a set time.
  • Image editing: This refers to cropping or rotating the image size. Filters and image post-processing are not supported.
  • Add location: Combin Scheduler has the option to add a location to your post, just like the native Instagram app.
  • Tag your account and add a hashtag. You can refer to your account using @ and its username. You can also add hashtags to your scheduled posts. However, the app does not suggest hashtags.
  • First comment: You may run out of character space in the caption section. That’s where the ability to add the first comment comes in handy.
  • Added link to bio: Instagram doesn’t allow you to share links in captions or comment posts. The only way to get around this is to add a link to the Bio section. Here’s an example where this feature can be very useful: Suppose you are YouTuber and post images and thumbnails every time a new video is published. You can also add a link to the video when scheduling your post. This option is below the caption section.
  • Bulk Story Upload: You can add multiple stories to upload at the same time when you are scheduling stories at a specific time.
  • Repost: If you run a business and collaborate frequently with other brands, you may repost your collaboration posts. You can also schedule reposts using Combin Scheduler.
  • Custom font: You can also change the font style and make it bold or italic. An option not available on Instagram at all.

What made it attractive?

  1. iPhone or Android app: Combin Scheduler is almost perfect tool, especially considering that it supports Mac, Windows and Ubuntu for free. But there is the first problem. Only Mac or PC can access the tool. If developers can create apps for iPhone or Android, Combin Scheduler will be more accessible.
  2. Video / reel scheduling support: Another major drawback of Combin Scheduler is the inability to schedule videos and reels. Looking at the growing popularity of video formats and how Instagram promotes them, this could have perfected the app.
  3. Integration with multiple social channels: Finally, if Combine Scheduler can integrate multiple social media platforms into one tool, it will be an all-in-one package for anyone looking for a social media scheduler. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this tool is available for free. So not many people complain.

Is Combin Scheduler Safe?

Some users are facing timeouts, bans, etc. from Instagram to use third party tools, bots, etc. However, CombineScheduler is not a bot. This is a useful tool for automation.

With the Combin Growth tool, you may be permanently banned from Instagram, but the same is not true for Combin Scheduler.


ease of use
Value of money

Combin Scheduler is one of the best Instagram scheduler tools available on the market. Cake icing is a free tool. Therefore, you want to save time by automating Instagram posts and stories. In that case, CombineScheduler is the tool you are looking for.

Strong Points

  • Schedule unlimited posts, stories, and reposts
  • Replace Bio link with all posts
  • Completely free
  • Link multiple Instagram accounts
  • Upload multiple stories at once


  • I don’t have a mobile app
  • Unable to schedule videos and reels

price: free