Co-founders warn that Wikipedia should not be trusted and always tell the truth

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When looking for information on the Internet, I tend to be Wikipedia-oriented. After all, this is one of the largest repositories of information you can find on the web. However, there has always been debate about whether Wikipedia is a reliable source of information, or whether it always contains truth about various controversial topics. According to one of the platform’s co-founders, always relying on Wikipedia’s information is unhealthy.

In a recent interview Independent TV (UK)Larry Sanger, the man who started Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001, said Wikipedia credibility warning.. He quoted various articles on the platform that did not contain all the truth and stated that the content on the platform was manipulated by the enterprise.

Sanger said Wikipedia can give “For almost everything, a credible and established perspective,He was skeptical about how much truth it could provide to the reader.

“Can you believe that it always gives you the truth? Well, it depends on what you think the truth is.” Sanger said in an interview. He added:If only one version of the facts is allowed, it gives wealthy and powerful people a great incentive to take control of something like Wikipedia to strengthen their power. And they do it. “

In Sanger’s words, Wikipedia “For controversial questions, it seems to assume that there is only one legitimate and defensible true version.” But he states that the platform is not the way it used to be. He quoted the example by pointing out the current article on Joe Biden on Wikipedia.In that article, according to Sanger, there is little information about “Concerns that Republicans had about him.”

In addition, Mr. Sanger said some companies hire paid writers to change Wikipedia articles. In this way, businesses can manipulate the reader’s perspective and provide them with the information they want to consume.Sanger calls these tricks for greater victory “game” It has been working since the platform became popular on the Internet.

While there are some bots and human editors who work to protect Wikipedia from false information and fake content, Sanger recommends not blindly trusting Wikipedia when looking for relevant information. .. Therefore, the next time you read about something on Wikipedia, check the information against other relevant sources. At least that’s what Sanger does, and he created Wikipedia!