How To Install Clowns Replica Kodi Addon

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To enhance your movie experience more with Kodi, third party developers always come up with new inventions. The Clowns Replica is such an invention that has been built to make the online video content such as movies and TV shows more easily available to the users. 

The Clowns Replica add-on helps the users to access a huge library of playlists like movies, TV Shows, and other media files through the Kodi media player. 

The add-on comes with a number of categories to choose from, such as – sports, movies, kids, TV shows, YouTube, and more! So you can imagine the huge stock of content Clowns Replica offers to you. 

There are two repositories within which you can find the Clowns Replica Add-on – MR Invisible Repo and the Cy4root Repository. You can any of the repositories to install the add-on.  

If you are integrating the Real-Debrid, the combination will blow your mind because it enriches your streaming experience to a whole new level. 

Now, things get a bit tricky when it comes to installing add-ons to Kodi as the structure is a bit rigid. That is why here is a simplified and a step-by-step guide to show you the proper way of installing the Clowns Replica Kodi add-on.  

How To Install The Clowns Replica Kodi Add-On?

Given the following is a systemized step-by-step approach of installing the Clowns Replica Kodi Add-on. Installation from both – cy4root repository and MR invisible repository is explained here. 

Follow it properly to eliminate all the issues you face while installation. 

  1. First of all, run the Kodi app. 
  2. Click on the “settings” option. It is denoted by the gear image on the top-left corner.
  3. From the menu that comes up on the screen, click on “System”, present in the bottom right corner.
  4. Find the Add-ons option from the menu and click on it. Turn on the “Unknown Sources” if you haven’t already. Tap “Yes” on the warning box.  
  5. Go back to the Settings page. 
  6. Now, click on File Manager.
  7. Click on “Add Source”.
  8.  Now, Locate and click on “<None>”.
  9.  You’ll be asked to paste the path of the file. Paste this URL in the space given –
    Toggle over to the box under the space you typed in the URL and name the file. For your assistance, name it “cy4root”. Name “invisible” if using the MR repository.   
  10. Go back to the Settings Screen. Click on “Add-ons”.
  11. Click on “Install from zip file”.
  12. Find “cy4root” anything that you have used.   
  13.  Click on the zip file URL – to install the addon.
  14.  Now, wait until the notification stating the confirmation of the installation of “cy4root Repository Add-on” or “invisible Repository Add-on” appears on the screen. Next, click on “Install from Repository”.
  15. Find and click on the “cy4rootRepository” and then hover over to the bottom of the options and click on “Video add-ons”.
  16.  Here is the huge list of the various add-ons hosted by the cy4root Repository find the Clown’s Replica click on that and Look at the options at the bottom, and click on “Install”.
  17.  Give the necessary confirmation to the message that appears saying “Following additional add-ons will be installed”. Within a few minutes for the Clowns Replica add-on to be installed. 
  18. Now, go back to the home screen of Kodi and click on “Add-ons”. Select Clowns Replica from theVideo Add-ons” from the list.  Here you have it! The Clowns Replica add-on will be added successfully. You can now enjoy the movies and videos as you please. 

To Conclude

Clowns Replica Add-on for Kodi is one of the best add-ons for getting hold of the large pool of movies and TV shows. Along with offering you the latest and vast collection, it makes navigation easier through its interface. 

For a movie lover, nothing can be as satisfying as getting a library of content to watch from. The Clowns Replica kodi add-on gives you just that! If you haven’t used it yet, its time you start doing it to ensure a world-class experience.