Classic Angry Birds games bring a brilliant resurgence to Android and iOS

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Classic Angry Birds games bring glory to Android and iOS as paid titles

A world full of BGMI and PUBG: As enthusiasts of the new state, we millennials still remember the classic mobile games they enjoyed in the early days. The most popular of these was the 2012 original Angry Birds title. It was removed from both the App Store and Play Store in 2019 as developer Rovio focused on spin-offs of games such as Angry Birds: Journey and Angry Birds: Friends.However, the classic Angry Birds game Returned to Android and iOS as paid titles without in-app purchases.. Let’s dig into the details right away!

The classic Angry Birds game is back on iOS and Android

In 2019, Rovio removed the Angry Birds title from the App Store and Play Store. At that time, the company clarified the move, “Test purpose.” However, developers recently used Twitter to announce that the title has returned to mobile devices as Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. You can check the tweets along with the animated movie video just below.

Currently, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a reproduction of the original Angry Birds title. However, instead of the old proprietary game engine, Rovio developed the game using the more popular Unity engine.. Nevertheless, the gameplay experience remains the same. Players need to repel angry birds with the right force and angle to optimally destroy the complex structures created by moody enemy pigs.

Another important thing to note is that unlike the original Angry Birds title, which was offered as a free game with ads and in-app purchases, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is an ad-free paid title. There are no in-app purchases and users can buy the game for 99 cents...

This includes eight original episodes, including over 390 levels, similar to the original title in 2012. However, in the new Angry Birds game, Players will be able to gain the “Mighty Eagle” ability to complete the level Without additional purchase. In the original title, the player had to make an in-app purchase to get the above abilities.

Now the new Rovio Classics: Angry Birds are priced and the game is available For Rs85 With Google Play Store 89 rupees At the Apple App Store in India. You can check out from the corresponding link here. Also, in the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on the resurrection of the classic Angry Birds title.