Circleboom iOS App Review: An Easy Way to Manage Twitter

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Twitter has become an important tool for business and personal branding. Regular activities are important, but strategy also plays a big role. Circleboom can provide the insights and analytics you need to develop strategies to strengthen your Twitter account.

Circleboom has several tools to help you understand your audience and predict what they like. Plus, you can see trends, analyze what your colleagues are doing, and more with just a few taps.

Read the reviews to learn more about these tools and how to use Circleboom to get the most out of your Twitter games.

Get more out of Twitter with the Circleboomi OS app

You can tweet as many as you like all day long, but it’s not enough if you don’t reach your target audience. So instead of hard work, you have to do smart work and stand to the right of the Twitter algorithm.

Well, it’s certainly easy to say. However, Circleboom can help you do just that. This platform will help you understand the current state of your Twitter account and how you can further improve your strategy.

Circleboom is available as an iOS app (iPhone) and browser version (Mac or Windows), allowing you to track Twitter from your device of choice. For tools, let’s see what they can do.

More detailed insights

The first step is to know your audience, also known as your followers. And I don’t mean it’s a first name base, but they are fake (bots), spammers, inactive, overactive, verified accounts, or eggheads (accounts without a locked or suspended profile picture). Is to know if it is.

Circleboom gives you more Twitter follower insights

In addition, you can filter your accounts by the language they speak and whether they follow you. When it comes to followers, you can also see who is following who. You can search your account for a list of followers and followers.

View and filter the followers of other Twitter users in Circleboom

You can also apply some filters to these lists to find interesting insights about followers and friends in other accounts.

More useful analysis

After focusing on your target audience, the next step is to apply and focus on some growth hacks.

  • The best time to tweet – When are your viewers most active and when are you most engaged?
  • Interest cloud – Topics / keywords, retweets, etc. that followers are following.
  • Your tweet stats – Check post performance over time.
  • Follower stats
    • Growth rate
    • language choice
    • sex

The great thing is that you aren’t hit by numbers and stats. In fact, Circleboom categorizes your data and represents a bite-sized, easy-to-read graph. And if you want to monitor your followers daily, weekly, or monthly, there’s a way to do that.

In addition, you can export the analysis data as PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, JSON text, or as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF format images.

Why stop by your audience when you can find your target audience with Circleboom’s smart search? In particular, if you search for keywords and hashtags, the platform will search for Twitter profiles, biography, and tweets, so it’s easy to find people with similar interests.

Circleboom enables advanced keyword search

And this is added to the basic trend hashtag tracking so you won’t miss anything or anyone. This feature also includes a neat Twitter listing tool that allows you to categorize confirmed accounts, followers, friends, and more.

Finer control over tweets

Now that you’ve filtered your followers, turn the tweets, retweets, and likes arrows. With the highly insightful Circleboom, you can view, filter, sort, and bulk delete previously favorite tweets and retweets with a single click.

Manage your Twitter account better with Circleboom

In addition, date range, language, media,

Overall experience

Circleboom is packed with many features. However, if your app has too many features, things get complicated. Thankfully, I’m surprised that Circleboom doesn’t do that. Both iOS apps and web interfaces are minimal but fun.

I especially love the pop colors and the unique graphics used throughout. To make things even easier, the web page also has some feature introduction and tutorial pages for the web interface, including some videos.

However, I couldn’t find any tutorial specific to the iOS app. You don’t necessarily need a tutorial, but you might have had it anyway.

Are Circleboom Tweets Worth It?


User interface
Twitter insights
Value of money

Circleboom Twitter Tracker is a smooth app for gathering more insights about your Twitter account and understanding personalized growth hacks. Yes, there is no AI tool to help you break the code, but the data and graphs are so extensive that you can’t really miss it.

Also, I’ve never seen AI perform as well or as good as processing social media accounts, so that might be a good thing. I faced a pretty ridiculous problem, but both my app and the web page made me log out quite often. And it wasn’t very fun to log in repeatedly.

Strong Points

  • A neat, minimal, and easy-to-use interface
  • Smart tools provide deep insights
  • Using filters at every step makes your job easier


  • Twitter insights alone are expensive


  • Freemium There are various restrictions
  • Professional – $ 11.99 / month