Check out this Pokemon game running on your Pebble smartwatch

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Pebble, one of the pioneers of smartwatches, was acquired by Fitbit for $ 40 million in 2017 and has since been deprecated, but a group of developers named Rebble has supported firmware and a dedicated app. We have decided to support our existing Pebble smartwatch by building a store.Now developed by a developer named Harrison Allen A full-scale replica of Nintendo’s popular Pokemon A game to run on a Pebble smartwatch.

Pebblemon – Pokemon game for Pebble smartwatches

A new Pokemon game called Pebblemon runs on Pebble smartwatches, allowing users to continue “Mini Pokemon Adventure” On the wrist. The game provides users with a healthy nostalgia with simple graphics and easy-to-use controls.

The developers say they created a graphical interface for Pokemon using the Pokemon Yellow graphics library, the first title in a popular game series that debuted in Japan nearly 20 years ago. As a result, the game is very similar to Game Boy Color (GBC) and is accessible to users. “Various regions of the Johto region” On the wrist.

Check out this new Pokemon game running on your Pebble smartwatch

Users can use the navigation buttons on their Pebble smartwatch to play the game and control their character. In the game, according to the developer, the user can also encounter all 251 Pokemon in the GBC edition.Also, when you level up, various locks will be unlocked. “Hidden items to help your journey”, And added Allen.

Now, following the release of Pebblemon, Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky shared a tweet with a short video showing the game running on his Pebble smartwatch.In a tweet, Migicovsky praised the developer community “We are still building a new game engine and beautiful games like Pebblemon.” For existing Pebble smartwatches. Check out his tweet attached just below.


Pebblemon is currently available in the Rebble app store. So if you’re lucky enough to have your Pebble smartwatch somewhere in your drawer, it’s a good idea to take it out and try this game right now. Also, please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.