Check out the new male voice of Amazon Alexa

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While Apple and Google’s AI voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant provide both male and female voices, Amazon has been sticking to female voices for Alexa voice assistants for years. However, the company is now reportedly launching a new masculine voice for AI-based assistants. We’ve also added a new wake word to give users more options to call an assistant.

Alexa’s new male voice

Company, The VergeA few days ago, when we announced the new celebrity voices of Shaq and Melissa McCarthy, we added a new male voice option.But it went unnoticed by the user until it was finally discovered by Ambient.. You can check out a sample of the new male voice here.

New Wake Word: “Jiggy”

In addition to the new male voice option, Amazon has also added A new wake word to call that voice assistantNS. The new word “Ziggy” joins something like Computer, Echo, Amazon, and of course other existing wake words like Alexa. However, it’s worth mentioning that Ziggy isn’t just associated with the male voice. Instead, the user can select any voice gender of the assistant and link any of the above wake words to it.

In addition, the new wake word may be the result of a recent backlash that Amazon faced in the name of a voice assistant. According to various reports, some of the parents of a girl named Alexa recently complained that their children were being bullied for their name at school if you weren’t aware of it. As a result, Amazon may have added a new wake word to the voice assistant to resolve the issue.

Users can switch between female and male voice options, which Amazon calls “original” and “new,” respectively. Just ask your voice assistant to “change your voice”. Similarly, you can change the wake word by instructing the assistant to “change the wake word.”

Now, new male voices and new awakening words are available. The report suggests that they are currently only available in the United States. However, Amazon plans to expand new voice options to other regions in the coming days.