Check out the behavior of Apple’s canceled AirPower wireless charging mats!

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After exhibiting a prototype of the first-generation Apple Watch in early 2020, prototype device collector Giulio Zompetti got a rare engineering model of Apple’s canceled AirPower wireless charging mat. An Italian man recently shared some interesting information about wireless charging devices that Apple couldn’t provide to its customers.

Now, for those who don’t know, in 2017, Apple made fun of a unique wireless charging mat that can wirelessly charge iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods at the same time. After that, I saw various AirPower alternatives on the market. However, Apple continued to postpone the product and eventually canceled the AirPower project due to overheating issues and other technical issues.

Currently, an avid collector of prototype devices, Zompetti was able to obtain a prototype of the AirPower charging mat from an e-waste company in China. He was also able to run the device and charge two prototype iPhones at the same time on the charging mat. You can check out his recent tweets that showcase the behavior of the product just below.

Besides this, Zompetti has some interesting information about the AirPower charging mat. The Verge.. He also shared two close-up shots inside the product showing the complex circuit design of the device. You can check it below.

Apple Prototype Collector acquires RareAirPower Prototype.It looks like this
Image: Julio Zombetti | Via: The Verge

According to the image, there are 22 charging coils on the front of the device and 22 controller circuits on the back. Being an engineering prototype, the AirPower model also comes with an interactive shell that allows engineers to interact with the device. The Verge..

In addition, the AirPower prototype does not work on mass-produced iPhone models. To activate the charging coil, you need to pair it with a special prototype iPhone hardware. Zompetti regained the product in December, You can get it working using his prototype iPhone and serial lightning cable..

“The coil is waked up by the device, so it doesn’t work on production devices. It’s an engineering prototype, not plug and play. When I plugged in the serial lightning cable, I saw letters in the log, so I’d like to baud rate. After fixing it, I was able to read an easy-to-understand log. “ Zombetti said.

When Apple talks about the overheating issue that completely canceled the AirPower project, Zompetti says he couldn’t reproduce the issue on his model.But he he “I can’t say it’s not there yet.”

Now, it’s worth mentioning that when Apple was working on AirPower at the time, it was a very hype product at the time. As a result, many fans and potential customers were disappointed when the Cupertino giant canceled the project.Therefore, Zombetti has collected various prototype Apple devices, but the AirPower prototype is “Definitely one of the best” Of that.

Featured image courtesy of Giulio Zompetti (Twitter)