Check out Logitech’s new “lift” vertical mouse

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Logitech Lift vertical mouse announced

Vertical mice are on the market for people who work long hours on a computer and want a more comfortable handheld experience. Logitech previously launched the MX Vertical Wireless Mouse. It is considered one of the best wireless mice for the iPad. However, with MX Vertical, many users complained that they couldn’t use the mouse comfortably without a really big hand. Citing this, Logitech has launched a new vertical mouse in the form of a Lift mouse.

Logitech Lift Vertical Mouse Details

Logitech recently launched a Lift vertical mouse for users. It is designed to provide a comfortable experience for users when working long hours. The user can hold the mouse in a natural handshake position that reduces the strain on the wrist.

Logitech lift Set to 57 degree angle with required buttons and scroll wheel In a convenient place. The height of the mouse is 2.8 inches, but it is shorter than the MX vertical. It has a textured surface that allows the user to hold it for a longer period of time.

When it comes to the button, it’s with the usual left-click and right-click buttons Additional center button and forward and back buttons. The scroll wheel is located between the left-click and right-click buttons and can be pressed down to perform a function. Users can adjust the DPI of their Logitech Lift mouse in 100 increments, ranging from 400 to 4000 DPI.

logitech lift vertical mouse is now on sale

Logitech Lift, like its predecessor, is a wireless mouse. You can connect to up to 3 devices at the same time via Bluetooth, And the user can switch devices using the buttons on the back of the mouse. However, unlike MX Vertical, the lift is powered by the AA batteries included in the box. According to Logitech, you can run Lift up to two years on a single battery. Compatible with macOS 10.15 and above and Windows 10/11.

Therefore, those who work long hours on a computer and have small hands can check Logitech Lift on the company’s official website.the price is $ 70 (~ Rs 5,300) There are three colors: pink, off-white, and black. The mouse is also provided in a left-handed and right-handed configuration.