CCI recognizes Google’s billing system as “unfair and discriminatory”: Report

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CCI recognizes Google's billing system as

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has reportedly determined that Google’s app billing is “unfair and discriminatory.”According to a new report on it Bloomberg Cite the reviewed document on the issue. This update will occur after CCI investigates in response to developer complaints.

CCI recognizes Google’s billing system as “unfair and discriminatory”

“Because the market for UPI-enabled digital payment apps is multifaceted, Google’s actions also deny market access to competing UPI apps. The network effect completely eliminates Google Pay competitors from the market. It will be a situation. In the long run. ” According to the report, CCI said.

Remember, CCI later started an investigation More than 200 startup founders have started talks with the government, blocking the 30% reduction Google receives from in-app purchases.. This development will take place months after Fortnite maker Epic Games sued Google for its app store policy.

CCI did not comment on the report, but Google published it Bloomberg Statement regarding the allegations. “We will continue to engage with CCI and demonstrate that our practices benefit Indian consumers and developers without limiting competition.” Google said in a statement.

That said, it’s worth mentioning Google We launched a pilot program last month to allow developers to choose their own billing system. For customers in addition to what Google offers. However, it’s still in its infancy and is currently limited to a small audience as Spotify is the first company to join. We need to see if Google will extend the program to India, in response to reports from antitrust oversight agencies. ..