Caviar’s customized Galaxy S22 series features 24K gold and titanium.Prices start from ~ Rs 4.5 Lakhs

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Caviar activates Galaxy S22 phone

If you are interested in super expensive customized gadgets, you’ve probably heard one or two things about the Russian luxury brand Caviar. In the past, we’ve seen the company release very expensive iPhones and PS5 consoles with premium customization. Today, Caviar has launched a limited collection of Samsung Galaxy S22 series at a starting price of $ 5,920. please look!

Caviar launches Ultra Premium Galaxy S22 series

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S22 series on the global market. However, Caviar was fast enough to launch customized Galaxy S22, S22 +, and S22 Ultra models in a variety of designs. Uses premium materials such as 24K gold, lightweight titanium and carbon fiber..

Caviar’s latest Galaxy S22 series has six designs, each with its own inspiration and look. These include – Birds of prey, Ocelot, Drive, Great Gatsby, Victory, Titanium..

So if you’re a gold digger No intended! ), You can go to the design of birds of prey or Ocelot. Both are made of 24K gold. The bird of prey design features a back panel pasted in white crocodile leather, while the Othellot design is inspired by the Art Deco era of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Caviar's latest customized Galaxy S22 series
Left: Birds of prey | Right: Ocelot

On the other hand, the Galaxy S22 Drive Collection Carbon fiber back with black titanium frame.. Inspired by high-speed racing cars from the 1920s and 1930s. Great Gatsby has a geometric pattern on the gold-plated alloy-based back panel.

Caviar's latest customized Galaxy S22 series
Left: Drive | Right: Great Gatsby

The other two designs, Victory and Titanium, feature black crocodile leather and automotive carbon, respectively. Caviar creates 99 Galaxy S22, S22 +, and S22 Ultra models for each design We will maintain our exclusivity and will start shipping orders from March 11th.

Caviar's latest customized Galaxy S22 series
Left: Victory | Right: Titanium

Well, it’s worth mentioning Caviar can make a device look like no other by simply making physical changes to the device... Internally, you get the same specifications and features as standard Galaxy S22, S22 +, and S22 Ultra devices. The Galaxy S22 and S22 + do not come with an S-Pen, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a customized S-Pen that matches the design.

For pricing, Caviar’s Samsung Galaxy S22 series begins with $ 5,920 (~ Rs 4,48,081) For the base variant of the Galaxy S22 $ 7,830 (~ Rs 5,92,648) For the 512GB model of Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can check all your devices on the official Caviar website. So would you buy one of the limited edition Galaxy S22 models from Caviar? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.