Call of Duty War Zone is now available on mobile

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Call of Duty War Zone is now available on mobile

The mobile game boom doesn’t seem to end soon. Just days after the soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile, Activision announced plans to bring the Call of Duty Warzone to mobile devices. This joins the recently launched Battle Royale titles on mobile phones, including PUBG New State, and fills the gap left by games such as Free Fire in India. Let’s take a look at the details.

COD Warzone Mobile launches later this year

To commemorate the second anniversary of Call of Duty War Zone, developers have shared an official blog post and announced that they are building a game for mobile phones. It does not depend on the title of the PC and console and may not support cross-play.

Blog posts are invitations for developers to work with Activision and build the Call of Duty Warzone for mobile.The details aren’t very clear at this point, but Activision describes COD Warzone as follows: “The massive Battle Royale experience is natively built for mobile using state-of-the-art technology designed to entertain gamers around the world for years to come.”

The roles that Activision employs include production, art, engineering, and design. this is, The game is in the early stages of development at this point. And, as some of you may not know, Activision is working on this game with the acquisition of mobile game developer Digital Legends early last year. The Digital Legends team is working on the Call of Duty mobile game with a new studio called Beenox, Activision Shanghai Studio, Demonware, and Solid State.

The official blog doesn’t mention the release date at all.But industry figure Tom Henderson I shared a tweet With some interesting information from Activision’s conference call last month, it’s true that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be released later this year.

Well, there are many stores for mobile gamers after 2022. In addition to Apex Legends Mobile and COD Warzone, World of Warcraft and other Metaverse games will be available in the coming years. Are you excited to land on Verdansk in COD Warzone on your mobile phone?