Brave mobile gameplay leaked.This is my first look

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Brave mobile gameplay, agent selection page leaked. This is the first look!

After the huge success of the 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant, Riot Games officially announced last year that it would release a mobile version of the title. Things have been quiet since then, but a recently leaked video shows Valorant Mobile’s gameplay. Check out the details now!

Brave mobile gameplay leaked!

A Twitter user and a YouTuber named Danny INTEL recently shared several videos showing Valorant Mobile’s gameplay and agent selection screens.Tipster I took you to Twitter To share your video via Tweets, you can check out one of them by attaching it below.

Well, the first video released on April 8th. Shows the actual gameplay footage of the Valorant Mobile title.. In the video, you can see an individual playing Jett, one of Valorant’s main agents, on Valorant Mobile, albeit of low quality. There is On-screen buttons for agent capabilities and movements, preview minimap at the top, And the weapon icon and HP bar at the bottom. These are customizable, as are the controls and button layouts for popular mobile titles such as BGMI and PUBG: New State.

Brave mobile gameplay, agent selection page leaked. This is the first look!

Gameplay looks a bit underdeveloped, probably because of the quality of the footage. However, the mobile version of Valorant can see everything, so it doesn’t compromise the ability of the agent. Jett’s capabilities in gameplay videos such as Cloudburst, Updraft, and Dash.. However, from the perspective of other agents, the gameplay was not visible.

Come to the second video, The agent selection screen is displayed With Valorant Mobile. The agent selection page shows the agents that are expected to be available first on Valorant Mobile.The lineup of launch agents Includes Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Skye, Sova, Breach, Killjoy..

Riot plans to add an agent to the title, but in the future It’s strange The developers did not add agents with smoke capabilities such as Omen, Brimstone, Astra, etc. With the primary lineup. Still, given that these are the first test gameplay footage, we can expect a lot in the final version of the title.

Riot Release timeline has not been announced yet Or Valorant Mobile beta test program. However, you can probably expect the company to release a test title in the coming weeks. Well, stay tuned for future updates. Let us know what you think of the leaked Valorant Mobile gameplay footage in the comments below.

Featured images courtesy of: DannyINTEL (YouTube)