Boat launched India’s first gaming headphones, the Immortal 1000D. Sold at Rs. 2,499

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Boat, an Indian-based audio accessory brand, has expanded its product portfolio in a variety of categories since its inception in 2016. The company launched its first smartwatch last year, stepping into the gaming accessories segment. Boat today launched India’s first gaming headphones, the Immortal 1000D.

Boat Immortal 1000D Gaming Headphones Released

The Immortal 1000D is a premium looking gaming headphone that supports hi-fi audio, dual microphones, and additional game-centric features. According to the company, it aims to accommodate casual and professional gamers with the latest audio accessories.

Boat Immortal 1000D: Design and Specifications

Starting with the design, the Boat Immortal 1000D comes with a gamer-like look and premium design. Over-the-ear headphones featuring cushioned ear cups and padded headbands. This is to allow gamers to comfortably wear the Immortal 1000D during long gaming sessions.

Boat launches the first gaming headphones called the Immortal 1000D for Rs 2,499

Focusing on the inside, the headphones are equipped with a 50mm driver, providing a 360-degree audio experience.In addition, it comes with 7.1 Channel Surround Audio Support Technology developed by the company’s in-house BoatPlugin Labz. In addition, it supports Dolby Atmos to provide users with an immersive audio experience, such as playing games, listening to music, and watching their favorite movies.

The headphones also feature a dual microphone system that enables seamless communication without distortion during the game. And what are game accessories without RGB? That’s why the Immortal 1000D also comes with RGB LEDs that complement your game setup.

Besides this, the headphones include a remote control that allows the user to easily control the audio, microphone and lighting. There is also a removable microphone that connects via a 3.5mm audio jack. Users can connect accessories using a 1.8m USB cord.

In terms of color options, the Immortal 1000D has two color variations. There is a black model with red accents and a white model with pink accents.

Price and stock status

The Boat Immortal 1000D costs Rs 2,499 in India. It is currently available for purchase on the official Amazon and Boat websites. So if you’re looking for high-end yet budget-focused gaming headphones, the Boat Immortal 1000D can be a great addition to your setup.