BGMI Holly Maca Update 1.9.0 has been announced. Check out the new features here!

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Prior to the Holy Cultural event in India, Krafton announced a March update for the popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Bring a variety of holi-themed elements and environments to the game. The “Holi Dhamaka” update brings BGMI to version 1.9.0, adds a new Holi Dhamaka theme mode to Erangel, and adds new Sky Island and more. Take a look at the new features in BGMI’s Holi Dhamaka update.

BGMI Holly Maca Update 1.9.0 Announcement: New Features

Krafton has officially released a patch note for BGMI’s latest Holi Dhamaka update. From Erangel’s new Holi Dhamaka theme mode, players can enter this mode by tapping the new arrow button in the lower right corner of the screen under the game’s Ranking tab. In addition, updating the game to the latest version will give players a “Wild Ambition” set that can be used for a week.

Updates will be added again New sky islands on both Erangel and Livik To explore new environments and earn special coins before players land on the actual battlefield. These islands have different terrains and environments. For example, there is a sky island with the Egyptian pyramids and a sky island with an icy environment, where players can explore the icy castle.

Players can parachute these sky islands from the drop plane before landing on the battlefield. When a player lands on such an island, Their heads are rounded and carry a particular color.. However, with the latest BGMI update, you can change your head color using a special platform on these islands.

BGMI Holly Maca Update 1.9.0 has been announced. Check out the new features here!

Following this, players can collect coins of the same color as their heads from four different colored zones on the sky island.These coins will be available to the player once on the battlefield Return to the battlefield from the sky island By dying or voluntarily jumping off the island.

Sky island Remain for a limited period It disappears when the timer in the upper right corner expires. In addition, if a player encounters an enemy on a sky island, the player can shoot the enemy and make his head bigger. This will lift the player off the island and eventually return it to the battlefield below. However, teammates can shoot floating players and drop them on a sky island.

Besides Sky Island, Crafton has added New places such as Rainbow Plaza and Elangel Camp..Players will be able to Get a new car that is a bicycle, In a new area. In addition, this update also introduces Erangel’s race track to allow players to perform crazy stunts on these special racing tracks themselves with this latest BGMI update.

BGMI Holly Maca Update 1.9.0 has been announced. Check out the new features here!

Apart from these additions, Krafton has made some changes to some areas of Elangel, such as the Sosnovka Bridge. The company has also added new shooting ranges, new random modes for both ranked and unranked matchmaking. Check out the official patch notes for the BGMI Holi Dhamaka update, or watch the March update preview video on BGMI’s official Instagram to learn more about upcoming features.