Best non-smoking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

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Smoking is an addiction and does not have to be part of you or your loved ones. I don’t bother to ask why you are reading this here. I know you are deliberately quitting smoking or taking steps to find a solution for your loved ones. And this is part of the effort.

You may have considered some remedies, but I have listed the best iPad and iPhone apps to help you quit smoking.

  1. no smoking
  2. Quit
  3. Quit smoking
  4. QuitGuide
  5. Quit smoking helper
  6. Quit smoking now
  7. QuitSure
  8. Stop smoking hypnosis

1. Quit Smoking: Quit Smoking Now – Editor’s Choice

SmokeFree is a non-smoking iPhone app now

Smoke Free provides programs, not apps. It’s the perfect app to use if you want to avoid smoking and reward yourself. And most of the time, it exposes you to techniques that have been proven to you to help you quit smoking.

The app first asks about your smoking habits and determines the severity. Then use it to coordinate behavior therapy. Also, to make this more careful, you can share your resignation date with friends and family.

The machine and human AI interface is one of the most valuable features in tune. In short, this is an intelligent coaching service that gives you all the tips you need to quit smoking. Its accountability and rewards program is also very helpful.

In addition, you can keep track of your daily progress in a dedicated in-app diary and get rewarded for quitting smoking. Most of the features of the app are provided free of charge. However, we encourage you to sign up for a premium service and get deeper into the comprehensive program.

In addition to tips for quitting, it has a dedicated program that shows what you can get from getting rid of those sticks. The dashboard also has a stats section that shows your progress over time and the amount of money you’ve saved by avoiding smoking.

Strong Points

  • Statistics to monitor progress
  • Accountability and rewards program
  • Evidence-based criteria recommending discontinuation of treatment
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Document your daily progress


  • The clues and tips in the mantra section may use more dynamism

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 0.99)


2. Kwit: Stop smoking forever! – Best cognitive and behavioral approach

Kwit quits smoking for a good iPhone app

The creators of Kwit understand that quitting addiction is a step-by-step process and needs to be followed up at every step. Therefore, the app uses cognitive and behavioral therapies to gradually reduce smoking levels until they are finally free.

If you feel depressed or unmotivated due to a recurrence, Kwit’s gamification and enhancement programs will fix you. Indeed, there is a solution for you regardless of your level of addiction. However, like some other smoking cessation apps, this app uses smoking levels to suggest rehabilitation approach tips for quitting smoking in a 9-step program.

To start the app, first enter information such as how many cigarettes you smoke each day and how much you spend each day. This is so that the app can track its progress over time. Kwitz also has a diary feature that helps you track your progress automatically with a level-based approach.

A fascinating attribute of Kwit is the ability to join Facebook or Instagram support groups via the app. So rest assured that you are not the only one in the struggle.

Strong Points

  • Human-friendly approach
  • Join an online support group
  • Comprehensive and rehabilitation approach
  • Great for smokers of all levels
  • Enhancement program


  • Progress statistics can be more comprehensive
  • Premium services can be expensive

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 4.99)


3. Smoking Cessation – Has a 100-day smoking cessation program

Screenshots of iphone and iPad apps to quit smoking

Smoking cessation helps with a 100-day dedicated program that helps you quit smoking altogether. This app is simple, but it provides a variety of psychosocial tools to help alleviate addiction and ultimately eliminate it. And there is a section of awards that gives you a barge for your achievements.

In addition, it has a dedicated thirst section where you can decide what encourages you to smoke. It also relies on a tested clinical approach to smoking rehabilitation.

However, smoking cessation uses a self-determining approach to synchronize your attention to the smoking cessation program. Therefore, I will quit smoking the day I start using Quit Smoking. This is useful because it gives you a sense of dedication.

As many people like it, it asks the first question to assess your smoking level to help track your progress. The app is almost free. However, subscriptions provide more advanced helpers. For example, get the Savings Goals section in your Premium Plan.

Interestingly, the dashboard is a layer of statistics that shows how many days you went without buying cigarettes and how much you saved by avoiding smoking.

Ultimately, you can monitor the health effects of your progress in the Health Awareness section of the app. Please note that this section is only educational, not a real-time health checker.

Strong Points

  • Educate about the effects of smoking on your health
  • Monitor progress
  • Earn rewards for following your course
  • Divert your money to something productive
  • Identify the factors that make you smoke


  • Health check function becomes more intuitive

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 1.99)


4. QuitGuide: No Smoking – Completely Free

QuitGuide exits smoking app for iPhone

QuitGuide is a simple app that lets you quit smoking for accountability and share the news with your friends. You can also enter a reason for quitting smoking and set a reminder when you return to smoking. You can also customize your smoking cessation plan and access tips on how to quit smoking.

QuitGuide provides an ID by allowing you to upload your profile picture. As with any app, you need to seed your smoking behavior at the start. However, this makes a difference as it takes into account the moment of your thirst.

Some of the unique attributes of QuiteGuide are the progress and recurrence buttons on the dashboard. Not only does this help you keep track of your daily progress, but you can also report whenever you relapse. Therefore, the app will eventually take into account recurrence.

Finally, there is a stats section to check the progress. Overall, QuitGuide is an ideal app for this purpose, and what’s even more impressive is that it’s free despite its value. However, the user interface may be better.

Strong Points

  • Completely free
  • Make an end plan
  • Take notes to remind you why you are quitting
  • Detailed statistics section
  • Easily identify factors that crave smoking
  • Detailed and progressive smoking cessation tips


  • The user interface is a bit cluttered

price: free


5. Stop Smoking Helper: Stop Now – Determine Your Thirsty

Quit smoking helper app for iPhone and iPad

Want to quit smoking with an intuitive and simple app? Smoking cessation helpers are your best bet.

The dashboard shows the number of hours you have quit smoking and the number of days or hours you have quit smoking. In addition, you can see the amount of money you have saved from your decision to quit smoking. However, the app does provide comprehensive health advances based on these statistics.

Coupled with the beautiful user interface, it’s amazing how the units in this unit work together to achieve their goals. In addition, you will be rewarded for your achievements. If you prefer, you can also use the diary section to record your trip. It also has a “thirst” section where you can assess the factors that trigger smoking.

In addition, it features several missions dedicated to helping you get rid of smoking from your life. Here you can take notes and learn why smoking is harmful to your health.

Strong Points

  • Check what triggers you
  • Beautiful UI
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Monitor savings from smoking cessation

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 1.99)


6. Quit Smoking Now: Max Kirsten – Created from first-hand experience

Stop smoking now Maxkristen app for iPhone and iPad

If you need help directly from a professional therapist, Quit Smoking NOW is the best app for you. It is a hypnosis therapy app. You’ll also find tips from award-winning smoking cessation expert and clinical hypnotherapist Max Kirsten.

What’s unique about this app is the hypnotic audio that comes with it. Indeed, these have inspirational therapeutic effects and help you shift your focus from what induces smoking.

To get started with the app, enter the details in the Quit Calculator to determine your smoking level. Also, the “Preparing to Exit” section has many useful resources and tips for exiting.

Some of the apps are free, but we recommend choosing a premium plan to use at full scale. And because it’s worth it, it’s worth quitting smoking now. There is also a dashboard that shows the progress. Unfortunately, it is not accessible with the free plan.

Strong Points

  • Get expert tips directly
  • View progress
  • Many hypnotic audios
  • Free tips on quitting smoking


  • Most features are only available in Premium

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 4.99)


7. QuitSure: Easily Quit Smoking – Chat with Lifestyle Coaches

QuitSureQuitSmoking Easy iPhone App

Whether you’re a habitual reader or a listener, QuitSure has all the tips to help you quit smoking in either form. Frankly, I didn’t expect much from Quitsure, but I’m fascinated by its user experience and interface. It would have been even better if I could select both or switch between options. Unfortunately, there is no provision for that.

The app will guide you through a thorough 6-day rehab program, with tips in the module. According to the rules of the app, you need to complete the module in one day.

In addition, there are exercises that supplement each module. These are only available on the premium plan. You can also restart the program at any time to clear the initial progress if you feel it needs to be restarted.

In another daily step, you need to review the instructions and see your daily progress. All of this is an effort to keep your app engrossed in a wealth of programs.

Some features are free, but we recommend choosing Premium to get more involved in what QuitSure offers. Ultimately, the app has a platform that allows you to even chat with your lifestyle coach.

Strong Points

  • Impressive user experience and interface
  • Easily view daily progress statistics
  • Great for short-term programs
  • Choose from text or audio format for hints
  • Please restart the program at any time


  • You can’t switch between voice and text options later

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 9.99)


8. MT Non-Smoking Hypnosis – Includes Hypnosis Meditation Audio

Stop smoking hypnosis with MT app for iPhone and iPad

As the name implies, Quit Smoking Hypnosis is a hypnosis meditation repository available in audio format to help you quit smoking habits.

So it doesn’t have the kind of features of other apps, but it focuses on short meditations that you can listen to repeatedly. This app features free mediation audio productions, but most are only available on premium plans. You can also download audio to listen offline or share it with your loved ones.

The app doesn’t have a dynamic program, but it can be combined with other apps as a source of meditation. However, the app’s responsiveness is a bit slow. And this affects the user experience. However, it does not have a significant impact on functionality.

Strong Points

  • Listen to effective daily hypnosis
  • Download and share hypnosis audio
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Limited functionality
  • Responsiveness is a little slow

price: Free (subscription starts from $ 5.99)



Getting rid of your smoking habit is a dedication. However, we have suggested the best iPhone apps to help you quit smoking, but the results will vary from person to person. If you feel that human input is required, we recommend supplementing one of these apps with the help of a therapist.

Are you trying to share your experience to reduce the burden of guilt? Feel free to comment in the comments section below. You can and will quit smoking!

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