Best news app for iPhone and iPad in 2021

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In a rapidly changing era, it’s important to keep up with what’s happening around us. Therefore, you need to conveniently update the best news app for your iPhone and iPad. Everything relevant or interesting to you, from global events to local events, politics to celebrity gossip, is available at your fingertips.

While most major news media such as Fox News and CNN have apps, this article focuses on comprehensive options that allow you to access multiple sources at once. Let’s check them out.

  1. Apple news
  2. Smartnews
  3. Flipboard
  4. Google news
  5. Associated Press
  6. Ground news
  7. Bloomberg
  8. PressReader
  9. Feedly
  10. Innoleader

1. Apple News: Editor’s Choice

Apple news app iphone ipad screenshot

Apple’s default news app is the best option for iPhone and iPad users. Whether local or global, you can trust it for all sorts of news about trends and topics that are important to you. It’s so intuitive and user-friendly that you can easily stay up to date and keep up with the latest events.

First, weekday mornings, all users can start with a free, completely ad-free Apple News Today bulletin. Hosts Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino explain the top stories and how the best journalists in the world cover them.

Then, the more you receive and read the top articles throughout the day, the better your app will be able to display the articles you are interested in. Moroever is all carefully selected by professional editors to ensure you get informed and factual news from a variety of publishers.

Whether it’s the New York Times or the Washington Post, CNN or Fox News, this is a comprehensive app that caters to your tastes. It also covers all niches from science and technology to food, fashion, entertainment, sports and travel. You name it, and Apple News has it.

In addition, Apple News + subscriptions enhance it with access to hundreds of major newspapers and premium magazines. You can also listen to audio stories told by talented voice actors and have a great listening experience. Of course, it works seamlessly throughout the Apple ecosystem, so you can listen to it in CarPlay or offline.

Strong Points

  • Just use the intelligence on your device to recommend the story, no privacy breaches
  • A carefully selected story to catch up with everything you need
  • Listen to an audio story
  • CarPlay support


  • You can improve the search function to make it easier to find things

price: $ 9.99 / month for Apple News +


2. Smartnews: The best local news app for iPhone

smartnews app iphone ipad screenshot

Check out this award-winning news app, which analyzes millions of articles daily from a variety of informative and entertaining sources. These include NBC News, USA Today, Time, HuffPost, The Vage, AP, Reuters, BuzzFeed and more.

The story loads automatically when you connect to the Internet, so you can continue reading offline without interruption. The intuitive layout is a big plus, with tabs at the top of each news category. Just touch or swipe left or right to see everything.

In addition, you can customize your app by adding the channels you are most interested in. Channels are displayed as tabs on the main screen, allowing you to quickly see the top story of the channel. This means choosing what you want to see, not the algorithm that provides the content.

Strong Points

  • Great layout
  • Customizable
  • Read offline
  • free


  • Advertising can be distracting

price: free


3. Flipboard: The best personalized news app

Flipboard news app iphone ipad screenshot

Flipboard was initially conceptualized as a digital magazine. It focuses on topics rather than headlines and aims to provide mini-magazine issues that are customized to your liking. You start by telling it what you are most interested in, and it works its magic to find you the most relevant stories about places, themes, and events that are important to you. increase.

In addition to major global publications, it covers over a thousand cities and towns across the United States and Canada to help you track your local news and events. Many contents are free, but you need to subscribe to them to access certain publications. Flipboard will notify you of this with the article’s paywall indicator icon.

My favorite part of this app is to tap to collect your favorite stories + Button Add them to your personal Flipboard Magazine. You can then share, connect and discuss with the community.

Strong Points

  • Fast and sophisticated interface
  • Highly personalized
  • Cross-platform support
  • free

price: free


4. Google News: The best free news app

Google news app iphone ipad screenshot

Most of us don’t spend the day without searching for something on Google. It’s a treasure trove of information for the modern world, so it’s clear that Google should have a news app! I’m happy to report that this app certainly meets expectations.

It’s very easy to use and does a great job of organizing what’s happening in the world to help you catch up with the stories that are important to you.

The “briefing” feature is a nifty way to understand what is most important and relevant to you. It will be updated all day to show you the top 5 stories you need to know. And it covers the stages of regions, countries, and the world.

Plus, it helps you understand the full context of the story with just a tap. Emphasize different perspectives and create a timeline for events, stakeholders, FAQs, and more. Finally, it provides one of the best news app widgets for iPhone to update about news on your home screen.

Strong Points

  • Dark theme for night reading
  • Useful news widget
  • It’s easier to catch up with the news at a glance


  • Automatic personalization can give you a one-sided view of the world

price: free


5. Associated Press: The Best World News App for iPhone

AP news app iphone ipad screenshot

It’s one of the best news apps for iOS, keeping you up to date with local, national and global headlines. You can customize the story you see according to your interests and font size for a more comfortable reading.

In particular, we would like to thank the carefully selected content hubs for providing deeper insights into major news events. It covers both local and global to act as a gateway to award-winning articles, photos and videos.

Strong Points

  • Top quality journalism
  • Dedicated video section
  • A balance between local and global stories
  • free


  • Design and interface need to be upgraded

price: free


6. Ground News: Great for fair news

Ground News app iphone ipad screenshot

Mediascape has evolved to have the best news apps for conservatives and a completely different set of apps for liberals. It’s easy to lose track of the real story in the turmoil of political prejudice, but there are apps built to counter this.

If you’re tired of sensationalism, misinformation, and biased news, try Ground News. This app will help you compare and judge how your story is covered by thousands of sources around the world.

It throws away crowdsourcing and biased algorithms in favor of Clickbait and instead helps readers understand the news objectively. Gain a more subtle understanding of controversial topics and gain deeper insights into the current situation. Experience the difference for yourself and step into the world of wise reporting.

Strong Points

  • Unbiased news
  • Compare news to understand every aspect of the story
  • No clickbait heading
  • Useful news widget


  • You can improve your design by reducing visual confusion

price: $ 0.99 / month for Pro


7. Bloomberg: The Best Financial News App

Bloomberg is a trusted name for trending topics such as global business, stock markets and cryptocurrencies. It could be one of the best free financial news apps for the iPhone, but the free trial is only available for 30 days. After that, you will need a subscription.

I like it as a great personal finance app as it can be customized to monitor my portfolio and receive continuous alerts about global equity positions. Provides summarized financial, economic, and corporate information all in one place.

Apart from market data and articles, you can watch Bloomberg TV live without the need for cable or satellite subscriptions. In addition, listen to audio shows and podcasts featuring interviews and analytics from around the world by world financial, business, economic and investment leaders.

Strong Points

  • Comprehensive financial compensation
  • Take a look at your stock portfolio
  • Rich in functionality

price: $ 34.99 / month


8. PressReader: The best newsreader for iPad

pressreader news app iphone ipad screenshot

If you like the old-fashioned experience of browsing newspapers and magazines at the street newsstand, here’s a digital alternative!

PressReader has over 7,000 publications that can be read on up to five devices. Designed specifically for the iPad to provide an intuitive and immersive reading experience.

You can download all newspapers and magazines and browse them freely. I especially love the option to switch between mobile-optimized text view and original print view. In addition, the content can be translated into up to 16 different languages. Premium subscriptions are worth it for enthusiastic readers, but you can try them for free for 7 days.

Strong Points

  • Great interface
  • Extensive catalog
  • Supports 16 languages

price: $ 29.99 / month


9. Feedly: The best RSS feed reader news app

Feedly news app iphone ipad screenshot

Feedly is essentially an RSS reader app that is a must for passionate readers. The app organizes news sources, publications, blogs, and even YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, research journals, and more into one cohesive stream. This makes it a one-stop collection of all the content you enjoy.

I love using the AI ‚Äč‚ÄčAssistant Leo to prioritize and read feeds and prioritize the most relevant topics, events and trends. This saves a lot of time and cleans up your feed.

In addition, Feedly is a great app for collaborating with colleagues because you can use shared boards to make smarter decisions and share ideas and insights you need to accelerate research, marketing, and sales. Also works.

Finally, Feedly Pro unlocks many other useful features such as convenient integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, IFTTT, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and Zapier to easily share your network and stories. To do.

Strong Points

  • Connect to over 40 million sources across 2,000 topics and 50 industries
  • Includes a handy AI assistant for better control
  • Night mode
  • Rich in functionality


  • The interface may be better

price: Feedly Pro monthly $ 7.99


10. Inoreader: Best interface

inoreader news app iphone ipad screenshot

Our lives are full of content, and inoreader makes it easier to manage it all! The free version offers full value with features such as multi-device access, day and night modes, subscription archiving, saving for later viewing, and social sharing.

Not surprisingly, it is trusted by professionals and institutions around the world for its beautiful and light reading experience.

Plus, if you renew to an unlimited pro subscription, you’ll see push notifications, article translations, offline mode, powerful global search capabilities, and more. I like this news app and reader for its reliability, readability, and simplicity. It will change the way you consume better information!

Strong Points

  • Beautiful interface
  • Many free features
  • Easy to personalize

price: $ 69.99 / year for Pro


We hope this list will help you find a reliable iOS news app to catch up with all the topics that are important to you. Try them out and let us know in the comments which one suits you best!

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