Bellroy Leather Apple Watch Strap Review: Get Style and Comfort Together

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All Apple Watch users may have to choose between wearing their beloved Apple accessories or dawning their watch with a leather strap.

Well, there was a time like this. Of course, before Bellroy designed the line of fashionable leather Apple Watch straps. Here’s what you need to know:

Bellroy Leather Apple Watch Strap: Notes and Reviews

Bellroy Leather Apple Watch Strap

If you are familiar with Bellroy products, you know they are of high quality. The Apple Watch band is no exception to that rule.

We especially like the way the adjustable straps are designed to hug the face and wrists of your Apple Watch, keeping your face snug and easy to read.

Adjustable Apple Watch strap designed by Bellroy

Checking while exercising is easy. If you are worried that sweat will damage your leather, you can rest assured. Bellroy has developed a watch band with a textured underside that wicks sweat and prevents it from penetrating the leather. ..

Bellroy Apple Watch band with a sweat-wicking textured underside

If you want that frayed leather look, make this strap your daily driver. The more you wear the band, the more patina it forms, giving it a rustic leather look and feel. If you want to keep it tidy, be sure to remove it during dirty activities. If you want to know more about the premium materials Bellroy has chosen, you can find a wealth of information on the Bellroy website.

You also get two days of free shipping in the United States and a three-year warranty that comes with the strap. Receive it by email immediately and return it as soon as you are not satisfied.

Note: Like most leather watches, the free loop (a small piece of leather that you move to secure the band after you tighten the watch on your wrist) wears a little each time you put it back in place. Please handle this work with care and care to maintain its quality.

Apple Watch Band Free Loop

Bellroy Leather Apple Watch Band: Feature Overview

You just want the facts. We got it, and we covered you:

  • Adjustable fit
  • Premium leather
  • Forming patina due to aging
  • Flexibility, durability, stability
  • The back side of the textured finish keeps sweat away
  • Made of premium leather and strong polymer
  • Generous 3-year warranty
  • The design complements the curves of the Apple Watch
  • Free fast shipping to the United States

How to get an Apple Watch band from Bellroy

You know it’s a high quality product, you know how much it will cost, all that’s left now is how to get it.

Visit the Bellroy website and click or tap add to cart.. Make sure the correct quantity is selected and Go check out..Enter your payment and shipping information, review your order summary, then click or tap Complete order..

Note: Your payment information is routed and protected through Braintree, a secure service backed by PayPal.

price: $ 69

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