Battlegrounds Mobile India officially released on Android

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After releasing the Early Access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android users last month, Krafton today released the long-awaited official version of PUBG Mobile replacement in India. So, continuing today, anyone with a compatible Android device can go to the Play Store to download the game and get its chicken supper. Users who have already downloaded the Early Access version can get the official version simply by updating the game.

Now, for those who don’t know, Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India, faced some serious hurdles while the game was being accessed early. First, India’s MLA questioned its relationship with Chinese entities and faced problems similar to PUBG Mobile, which is currently banned in India.

Next, we looked at evidence suggesting that Battlegrounds Mobile India is sending user data to a server in China. Krafton quickly addressed this issue and fixed the game prior to its official release.

However, despite all the tensions and problems, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been fairly generously accepted in the country as it has won over 20 million pre-registrations in just two weeks. As a result, Krafton officially released the title and extended the period for collecting certain in-game rewards.

Battlefield Mobile India

Developers have already confirmed that pre-registered players will receive a total of four in-game rewards, including various cosmetic items such as Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, “Celebration Expert” titles, and 300 AG (in-game currency). Confirming. ).

Players who have downloaded the official version of the game will also receive a “Constable Set” as a permanent reward. This set rewards players to celebrate 10 million downloads of the game.In addition, the company has announced various in-game events for a period of time. Collect “Indiaka Battlegrounds” gift rewards, 1 million and 5 million download benefits until August 19th.

Now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently only available to Android users. So unfortunately iOS users have to wait a few more days before getting the title. However, with Krafton officially releasing the game on Android, the company can expect to bring it to iOS sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, you can find detailed articles on how to install Battlegrounds Mobile India and how to transfer your old PUBG Mobile account to BGMI. However, Krafton has announced that the account transfer feature will shut down on July 6th for maintenance, but has not announced when it will return. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately transfer your progress, in-game items, etc. to BGMI. In this way, you can enjoy the new title just as you enjoyed the most beloved PUBG Mobile at the time.

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (Play Store)