Battlefield 2042 release postponed to November 19th

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Battlefield 2042 was delayed due to a pandemic. Will be released globally on November 19th

Prior to the global release of EA’s next FPS title Battlefield 2042 scheduled for October 22, the company unveiled minimum and recommended system requirements last month. The company also launched a technical playtest in August. However, EA developers have announced that Battlefield 2042 is one month behind and will be released on November 19th.

The company announced on Twitter the delay and new release date for Battlefield 2042. He gave the player a long message, citing an ongoing coronavirus-led pandemic as the cause of the delay. Check out the tweets just below.

The EA wrote that no delays were expected as the Battlefield 2042 development team expected to return to the studio prior to the October release. However, the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic still forces some developers to work from their homes.

“Building the next generation of battlefields in the midst of a pandemic has created an unexpected challenge for our development team.” EADice CEO Oskar Gabrielson writes.

“Given the size and scope of the game, we wanted the team to come back to the studio for launch. We couldn’t do that safely in the ongoing situation, and the team worked hard from home. So I feel it’s important to spend extra time realizing the Battlefield 2042 vision for the players. “, Gabrielson added more.

Today, the title of the next generation of Battlefield is to bring significant improvements to the graphics and content sector. There’s an India-based map called Discarded, which was unveiled earlier this year, and a variety of new game mechanics and weapons for Battlefield 2042. The official trailer for the game can be found just below.

Regarding the availability of the open beta, the company said it will provide an update later this month. Also, according to the current release timeline, the game will be released globally on November 19th. There is no further delay.