Batman wallpaper for iPhone in 2022

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Batman was created in 1939 and has since been featured in many characters, comic series, movies, television shows and more. If you enjoy this dark, mysterious and chaotic world and want to display it on your iPhone screen, here are some great Batman wallpapers.

And whether you joined the fandom from the beginning or just started exploring it, we have something for you, from retro icons to the latest Robert Pattinson Batman posters. I am. fun!

Note: These wallpapers are sourced from Movie Mania, Wallpapers Den, Wallpapers Home, and Boss Logic. All images, characters, etc. are copyright of © DC Comics Warner Communications LLC.

1. Aesthetic dark batman wallpaper

Some of the attractions of the Batman series are its dark and confusing themes, plot lines, characters and more. And there is no better way to respect this heritage than this rudely dark wallpaper.

Aesthetic Batman Wallpapers for iPhone


2. Dramatic Batman iPhone Wallpaper

“I wear a mask, and that mask, it’s not about hiding who I am, but about creating what I am.” – Batman, “Batman Comics.” Anyone who is more dramatic than Batman? We are waiting for your reply in the comments section.

Batman dark wallpaper


3. Batman and Jokeer Wallpapers

The Joker deserves his own wallpaper post, and we went there and did it, but we couldn’t resist the fusion of Psychedelic Batman and The Joker. have fun.

Batman joker wallpaper


4. Batman Wallpapers for iPhone

Do you like Robert Pattinson’s Batman poster? Well, this is a specially rendered wallpaper version that you will love.

Aesthetic Robert Pattinson Batman Wallpaper


5. Batman silhouette graphic wallpaper

The vision of Batman overlooking Gotham City is very special to all fans. And if it permeates your heart and mind, here is the perfect wallpaper for you.

Batman background for iPhone


6. Batman and Catwoman iPhone Wallpapers

Enthusiasm, lover, or vigilant partner? Whatever the situation of their relationship, we will always love their bright red on-again, off-again chemistry, like this wallpaper.

Batman and Catwoman Wallpapers for iPhone


7. Minimal Batman logo wallpaper

I promise to help with vigilantism, but I don’t want the iPhone screen to get crowded. Get this minimal wallpaper. Bat-Signal helps you meet more fans.

Batman logo iPhone wallpaper


8. Those with Batmobile wallpaper

When you’re crazy about Batman, you have a lot to love, but for most beginners, it’s Batmobile that draws them into this crazy universe. And if this car has a special place in your heart, here are some inspirational wallpapers.

Batmobile wallpaper for iPhone


9. Retro Batman logo wallpaper

Call all true Batman comic fans … If you know where this logo came from, see you in the comments section below.

Batman logo wallpaper


10. Batman Arkham City Wallpaper

Still a hangover in the 2011 Arkham City Batman game? No problem, this wallpaper will cure all your headaches and heartaches (hopefully).

Batman Arkham City Wallpaper


11. Dark Knight Wallpaper

I saw this poster. It has occupied a very special place in my mind. From the destroyed Gotham to the hints of Bat-Signal, the underlying message is just awe-inspiring. And thankfully, it’s also a great iPhone wallpaper. fun!

The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper


12. Batman and his batmobile

They say you can judge a person by the car he drives. So what does Batmobile say about Batman?

Batmobile iPhone Wallpaper


13. Batman vs Superman Movie Wallpapers

Is it possible to complete a post about Batman wallpapers without referring to this epic movie? And let me quote one of my favorite dialogues from the movie while we’re working on it.

“Do you know the oldest lie in America, the Senator? That means power can be innocent.” – Lex Luthor.

Batman vs Superman logo wallpaper


14. Gotham City Wallpapers for iPhone

why so serious? And why is it so dark? Gotham City is a chaotic dark place, but look at the bright side. We lose ourselves in their turmoil and forget about our turmoil.

So here is a beautiful and bright Batman wallpaper for changes to dispel all the darkness.

Gotham City Wallpapers for iPhone


15. Robert Pattinson Batman Wallpaper

No matter who your favorite Batman is, you can’t deny that Rob looks very nice in that suit. And here is the wallpaper that proves it to you.

Robert Pattinson Batman Wallpaper


sign off

In Batman’s wise words from Batman: Forgiveness – “No miracle. No mercy. No redemption. No heaven. No hell. No higher power. Just life, just … us.”

And only Batman fans enjoying some amazing Batman wallpapers. I hope you loved them as much as we do.

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