Asus revamps ROG Strix and TUF laptops with the latest Intel, AMD CPUs in India

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asus rogstrix tuf laptop launched in India

After the latest 12th generation Intel Core processor and AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series CPU were launched at CES2022, Asus revamped the ROG and TUF series with new laptops in India. The company today announced a variety of new laptops in the country. This includes the new ROG Strix Scar 15 and 17 devices, ROG Strix G-series laptops, TUF F-series, and TUFA-series laptops. Let’s take a closer look at the next lineup of laptops.

Asus renews India’s laptop line

ROG StrixScar 15 and 17

Starting with the flagship grade ROG Strix Scar series, Asus has updated its ROG Strix 15-inch and 17-inch laptops with the latest Intel components.For the latest devices Intel Core i9-12900H CPU and latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU With a MUX switch that improves the TGP of the graphical unit and improves the performance of the device.

Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 and 17 laptops launched in India

ROG StrixScar laptop is also included Equipped with LPDDR5 RAM When “Fundamentally redesigned fan” Supports thermal systems. In addition to these, gaming laptops feature Dolby Vision HDR and Adaptive-Sync technology, customizable armor caps and RGB lighting, and a 240Hz display that supports fast charging and more.

ROG Strix G15 and G17

Introducing the ROG G series, Asus integrates AMD’s latest Ryzen 6000 series processors with Nvidia’s latest GPU products.Therefore, the new ROG Strix G15 and G17 Pairing up to AMD Ryzen 9-6900HX CPU and up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti GPU. In addition, both models have MUX switches to enhance AAA games for optimal game performance.

Asus ROG Strix G15 and G17 laptops launched in India

Besides these, the features of the new ROG Strix G series laptop ROG’s intelligent cooling system To keep the temperature as low as possible during intensive operation.In addition, Strix G15 and G17 Fast charge power supply technology It goes from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.

TUFF15 and F17

In addition to revamping the Strix series laptops in India, Asus has also launched a new model of the TUFF series device. These are the same models that the company unveiled at the CES 2022 event earlier this year. Intel’s 12th Generation Core i7-12700H CPU paired with up to Nvidia GeForce RTX3060 GPU.. In addition, TUF F15 and F17 come with a MUX switch to improve performance and provide the best gaming experience.

Asus TUFF15 and F17 laptops launched in India

For TUFF15 and F17 15-inch and 17-inch QHD panels that support a refresh rate of 300Hz Adaptive synchronization technology, respectively. again, Thunderbolt 4 port Connect a secondary display for a dual speaker system that supports multitasking, military grade durability, a battery up to 90Wh, and Dolby Atmos.

TUFA15 and A17

AMD versions of the TUF series come with TUF A15 and A17. AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 6800H processor..Up to a pair GeForce RTX 3060 GPU and MUX switch.. According to the company, MUX switches can improve device performance by 10% during intensive tasks. The revamped TUFA series model also features a pair of 84-blade arcflow fans, ensuring 13% more airflow despite being 4.5% smaller than the previous model.

Asus TUFA15 and A17 laptops launched in India

Besides this, the TUFA 15 and TUFA 17 come with 15-inch and 17-inch QHD displays, respectively. 165Hz refresh rate (300Hz in Full HD) and adaptive synchronization technology.They are supported by 90Wh battery that supports fast chargingUp to 12 hours of video playback is possible on a single charge, and it is said to be 0-50% in 30 minutes.

Price and availability

Now coming to India’s new Asus ROG Strix and TUF laptop prices, they It ranges from Rs1,09,990 for the base variant of TUFA series laptops to Rs2,64,990 for the flagship ROG Strix Scar series devices... You can see the price of the new Asus laptop in the image below.

Asus revamps ROG STRIX Scar, Strix and TUF laptops with Intel and AMD's latest Indian CPUs

Regarding device availability, ROG Strix Scar models, ROG Strix variants, and TUF F-series laptops will be available from March 15th, but the TUFA series will be available on the market someday. The third week of April. All of them will be available for purchase on Asus’s official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and offline stores throughout India at launch.