AR-based smart contact lenses may arrive sooner than you think!

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Smart AR-based contact lenses coming soon

The idea of ​​smart contact lenses is not new to the market. Companies and scientists have been working on different types of contact lenses that can correct the user’s eyesight and provide smart AR and digital capabilities. Well, the first smart contact lenses seem to reach the average customer sooner than you think. Let’s take a look at the details.

Over the past year, we’ve seen many companies devise functional prototypes of smart contact lenses that support AR and digital capabilities. One of the most prominent companies is Mojo Vision, which unveiled Mojo Lens, a prototype of smart contact lenses in 2020.

AR-based startup We have developed a Mojo lens as a pair of smart AR-based contact lenses that can display data. Augmented reality weather information, health information, sports match scores and more. Mojo Lens uses a high-density monochrome MicroLED display as small as a grain of sand to display information in front of the user.

Earlier this year, Mojo Vision announced that it would offer advanced Mojo Lens smart contact lenses to the general public by partnering with adidas, a global sportswear brand.And now the company We are reportedly looking for volunteers to test before launching smart contact lenses. Commercially. If all goes well, the company can expect to launch smart contact lenses soon next year.

More initiatives!

Another company working on the development of smart contact lenses is InWithCorp. Show off the first soft smart contact lenses At this year’s CES, advanced autofocus technology can be used to modify the user’s vision. You can also use your natural blinks to power yourself. InWith not only unveiled smart lenses, but also emphasized the importance of such products in the future Web3 and Metaverse era.

Besides these, a recent report on the Global Smart Contact Lens market by a research firm named Global Market Vision Sony, Google and Samsung become major players In the sector. Above all, Google has been developing smart contact lenses for a long time. The tech giant began working on the concept in 2014.It announced Smart contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels in diabetics.. The project was discontinued due to inadequate clinical results, but it seems that there is still a foundation that Google can use to develop its own smart contact lenses.

Therefore, the concept of smart contact lenses could become widespread in the coming years, especially as hype about the Metaverse continues to grow. This product has the potential to help many users with vision problems, giving them a new way to experience the AR environment. However, there is no exact release timeline yet. What do you think? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.