Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air brings a new design, the M1 chip: Kuo

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Apple was very much expected to announce a new MacBook at this spring’s event, but that didn’t happen. Still, that doesn’t mean that the new MacBook won’t show up at all in 2022. There was a new set of leaks suggesting the 2022 MacBook Air with many changes. This is what the leak suggests.

2022 MacBook Air details leaked

Popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo used his newly launched Twitter account to reveal details of a new MacBook Air model that may be coming this year.

that is MacBook Air comes with a brand new design, This is also something I’ve heard before. The design is expected to tilt towards the MacBook Pro’s form factor, so the sides won’t taper. However, as with the recently announced MacBook Pro, it’s unclear if Apple will adopt a notch design for its Air models. Laptops are also said to have an M1 chip. Recall that I was expected to get an previously unannounced Apple M2 chip. But this week, the company announced its flagship product, the M1 Ultra chip.

Kuo also MacBook Air (2022) model does not have a mini LED display, Different from Pro model. This decision could be to keep these two lineups a little different from each other, with the goal of reserving some features for the high-end MacBook Pro portfolio.

again, The new MacBook Air has multiple color optionsIt’s very similar to how Apple offers even vanilla iPhone and iPad Air models. In addition, its mass production is expected to begin in the second half or third quarter of 2022. Therefore, you may see it during Apple’s September 2022 event.

In addition, Apple New Mac Pro (announced at yesterday’s event), New iMac models, cheaper MacBook Pros, and more Macs this year. The official release of these devices has not yet taken place, so it’s best to wait for more details. It will be announced. So stay tuned.